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Vets Care Club

Vets Care Club, UVAS is working under Senior Tutor-UVAS working for the welfare of animals and uplift of veterinary profession in Pakistan. Vets care club is dedicated to promote a caring and humane attitude towards all earthlings.  Vets care club believes that Animals must be considered to be fellow species; social laws system and institutions are structured to support these ideals. The dream of Vets care club is to assist more in the education of these values.

The Vision

VCC, UVAS in partnership with others will promote and support an environment which will create a healthy, caring, loving and responsible atmosphere for all companion animals.
We at VCC apply the following values to guide our behavior and practices in all our interactions: team workRespectDignityIntegrityCommitment and Promotion. In the ideal Pakistan envisioned by VCC, humanity respects the earth and the intrinsic values of all forms of life. Animals must be considered to be fellow species, social laws system and institutions are structured to support these ideals. The dream of VCC is to assist more in the education of these values.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote the veterinary profession through the development of high standards of practices, ethics and conducts.
  • To disseminate knowledge through meetings, reports, publications, education and seminar to our members and general public as well as to foster affiliation with national and international organizations.
  • To educate the public about animal needs and to ensure that animal needing care is dealt with quickly and humanely by knowledge personnel.
  • To arrange free Veterinary treatment and vaccination camp for animals.
  • To work for the protection of all animals and to develop in the public at large a humane attitude towards all animal life.
  • To promote enactment of laws for prevention of cruelty to and neglect of animals.
  • To promote inquiry and research in our field, so for as resources permit, into matters concerning health and diseases of animals and whatever may contribute there to.
  •  To arrange field days.
  • To protect the laboratory animals and promotion of alternatives.
  • To receive and administer donations, legacies or other funds provided for furtherance of all are any of the objects set forth in memorandum.

Vets Care Club Cabinet 2024-2025


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Chak No. 35 Pattoki (23rd January, 2016):  VETS CARE CLUB, UVAS in collaboration with Civic Engagement Project, UVAS & Ghazi Brothers Pakistan successfully executed a Free Rabies Vaccination Camp for Animals & an Awareness Talk for the Animal Owners. The whole activity was supervised byProf Dr Aneela Zameer Durrani with  Dr. Zahid Iqbal (Lecturer) from CLMS Deptt. UVAS Ravi Campus Pattoki. The proceeding started with Tilawat by Hafiz Qamar, then Mr. Majid Khurshid (President) Vets Care Club, UVAS enlightened upon the Objectives of the Camp, after him Muhammad Ali Ghazi (SVP,VCC) & Haseeb Ahmed from 4th Year DVM class spoke on the Importance of diseases 

Canine Parvo & Canine Distemper, Usama Ahmed from DVM 4th Year spoke on the preventive measures related to the above mentioned diseases, the session was concluded by the talk of Umar Aziz from DVM 4th year on the topic “Rabies, a threat to Human Life”.

After that, Registration of farmers was done & later Animals were vaccinated. About 100 animals were vaccinated by 25 students of DVM 4th. 

Concerned Faculty Member

Prof Dr. Aneela Khurram
Chairperson Deptt of clinical medicine and surgery