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Center for Emergency and Medical Services

Center for Emergency and  Medical Services is specially organized system that provides personnel, facilities and equipment for the effective and coordinated delivery of emergency medical services within a geographical area. An effective EMS system involves many different agencies and organizations working together to provide rapid emergency  medical response, treatment and transport to those in need of immediate medical attention. Agencies responsible for providing EMS include dispatch centers, public safety agencies, fire department, ambulances services hospitals and specialty centers.


Life is precious gift and blessing of Allah, immediate medical services to people to protect their health, to reduce any further injuries. Many of our university students often provide emergency medical services on voluntary basis. Although individual efforts are practiced time to time but still there is no such platform in the university where we can organize the emergency medical services system. Now it is time to overcome this problem by organizing this system. Therefore, we decided to develop a society for emergency medical services.

Mission Statement

The EMS forum Pakistan is a gathering together of like- minded health care trained MRFs professional and providers caring for the patients in the fields of pre – hospitals, out of hospital, ambulance and emergency medical services from diverse environments who believe that the interest of these patients are best served by shared experience , knowledge and practice  between providers from different systems nationally . the aim of the care that can be provided to save life and prevent further injury  or illness  and caring for those who are in urgent need.

Name and Nature of Society

The name of the society will be “CENTER FOR EMERGENVY MEDICAL SERVICES”. It will be a non-profit and non political organization.

Address of the Society

The head office of the society will be in University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore

Aims And Objectives

  • To arrange sessions highlighting the importance and benefits of emergency services.
  • To arrange sessions for the generalized awareness regarding basic life support, first aid and safety precautions.
  • To establish a emergency response team to provide emergency medical services within university premises and its surroundings.
  • To provide basic training of basic life support (BLS) and first aid to students & faculty members for enhancement of their knowledge and skills.
  • To provide basic training of Civil Defense, Self Defence and Fire Rescue to the students & faculty members.
  • To work in liaison with national organizations such as Pakistan Red Crescent Society, Rescue 1122 and Civil Defense Punjab.
  • To work with other national and international organizations in hours of national crises.
  • Blood donations for the needy people.
  • Exchange of EMS information (systems, practice, policy, oversight, education accreditation )
  • Fostering discussion on the spectrum of the EMS challenges and achievements
  • Enhancing the access to the international EMS standard.
  • Developing the concept of the EMT basic with international consistency.
  • Providing a forum for low frequency but high impact issues.
  • Identifying   and supporting the development of cross cutting issues.
  • Provide universities trying to build a local EMS system guidance and assistance.
  • Provide emergency medical services to the Pakistan community during difficult times.
  • Assist rescue 1122during catastrophic emergencies on a massive scale.
  • Form the e –mail system of  members and to keep both student and alumni.