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Debating Society

UVAS Debating Society has always remain a Renowned Society n the circles of Debaters. We have had one of the Best Debaters that represented UVAS in various National level Competitions.


  • To provide a significant training ground for the development of students communicative abilities.
  • To provide opportunities for students to practice and share their skill development.

Student Objectives


A. To understand and communicate various forms of argument effectively in a variety of contexts.
B. To develop the ability to analyze controversies, select and evaluate evidence, construct and refute arguments.


A. To learn theories that seek to explain the process of communicating arguments with people.
B. To clarify one's personal and social values through confrontation with the value judgements of others.
C. To participate effectively in situations where decisions must be made.


A. Promoting school and community relations through participation in an intellectual activity.
B. Meeting and interacting with students from other institutes in the context of a social and intellectualactivity.
C. To realize the simultaneous opportunities for leadership and group participation

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Concerned Faculty Member

Prof. Dr. Asim Aslam
Chairman Deptt of Pathology