RTI Disclosure

The Government of Punjab has implemented a series of measures to strengthen transparent service delivery and citizen satisfaction. The recently promulgated Punjab Transparency and Right to Information Act 2013 and implementation of Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PPMRP) are part of the larger agenda to promote e-governance and spread evidence-based information, from the Government as custodians of information to the citizens – its rightful owners.

The RTI Act makes it mandatory for the Punjab public authorities to provide stipulated government-held information to the public. Furthermore, the recently launched Punjab Public Management Reform Program is another stride towards the goal of proliferating the province with horizontal and vertical transparent governance. The public can access the information in the following two ways; by requesting for it, known as reactive disclosure or receiving information without submitting any requests, termed as proactive disclosure.

UVAS is proactively disclosing the following stipulated information under the Transparency Act 2013 and the PPMR Program Results Area 1.

PRMP Proactive Disclosure Status Indicator 1.1

Student Record Branch:

  1. List of Undergraduate / Post Graduate Degree & Diploma Programs Being Offered at UVAS, Lahore
  2. Affiliation with UVAS
  3. UVAS Students Discipline and Conduct regulations, 2003.
  4. Regulations relating to Migration of Students from other Public Sector Universities to UVAS, Lahore and Vice Versa.
  5. Hostel Rules
  6. Library Regulations 2003
  7. Sports Rules

Admin & Establishment Branch:

  1. Delegations of Powers General
  2. UVAS Lahore Ordinance 2002 (Amended).
  3. Model Tenure Track Process Statutes (version 2.0).
  4. Contract Policy 2015 (Revised).
  5. Deputation Policy, UVAS, Lahore.
  6. PEEDA Act, 2006.
  7. Re-Employment Statutes 2014.

Gen Branch

  1. List of Statutory bodies