B.S. (Hons) Food Science and Technology


Food Science and Technology is a multi-disciplinary subject involving study of post-harvest food and application of various techniques to convert raw food into safe, nutritious and healthy food with improved shelf-life. Pakistan being an agricultural country, faces post-harvest losses of food, creating a shortage of food supply and serious issues of food safety. In this scenario, Food Science and Technology can play a vital role to develop healthy food products to nourish people and create a sense of food safety and security across the country.

Lahore being hub of food processing industries always need professionals trained in Food Science and Technology to be hired in the respective organization to serve the field. Additionally, Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is also extending its regime to all districts of Punjab which will require more Food Scientists and Technologists to work as food safety inspectors and assistant food safety inspectors. Realizing the importance, Department of Food Science & Human Nutrition, UVAS, Lahore has initiated this degree program.

This degree program is designed to allow students to professionally excel in the Food Science and Technology field through meeting today’s market requirements. The students after graduation will be able to demonstrate their expertise in multiple fields which include:

  • Food processing industries to be involved in processing, product development, safety and quality assurance.
  • Food Safety Officer in Punjab Food Authority
  • The graduates will be able to initiate their own business in food sector
  • Researchers in research centers like AARI, NIAB, NIFA and NIBGE
  • Food Scientist and Technologist in Teaching organizations and National & International organizations