Student Life

University Mosque

A big and beautiful Mosque is established/ maintained for university students and staff. It can accommodate more than1000 namazies in two main halls and one big patio. Students from different sects and Muslim school of thoughts practice their religious obligations with complete freedom and safety.  5 daily prayers and Juma prayer congregations are being held regularly since 1950. An Imam and Moazin has been employed for regular religious activities and students’ religious guidance. Currently, Moulana Ijaz Ahmed is serving as Imam of the university Mosque. The University Mosque is equipped with Air Conditioners for summer season while Gas Heaters and Geysers are provided for winter. In case of power failure, electricity supply is maintained through UPS and generator.

As per need and increasing number of students, the Mosque was expanded in 2009, so that now its total area is approx. 12633 square feet. 

This Mosque is maintained by a committee, whose members are as follow:

Dr. Nisar Ahmad
Chairman Mosque Committee
Associate Professor
Department of Parasitology

Cell: 0313-4408972


Mr. Shahid Abbas
Assistant Professor

Cell: 0300-4036312


Mr. Gulmir Khan
Security Officer
Cell: 0321-8857416

Moulana Ijaz Ahmed
Imam Masjid
Cell: 03004354471

Mr. Qadeer Islam