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UVAS Literary Society "QIRTAS"


‘UVAS Literary Society’ is a society for the students of University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences. This society will provide them an opportunity to the students to show their literary talent such as writing novels, short stories, poetry, essays etc & by representing University in National & International Competitions.

Aims and Objectives:

Following are Aims and Objectives of ‘UVAS Literary Society’:

  1. Grooming of literary skills of students through different workshops/training sessions and will invite different professional and famous writers and poets for critique and guidance.
  2. Society will also focus on improving technical/scientific writing of students and for the purpose will arrange training sessions.
  3. This society will train and motivate the students to participate in different intraversity & intervarsity competitions.
  4. Society will try to publish an annual literary magazine.
  5. This society will held Bait Bazi and Mushyra competitions at regular intervals in the University for the Encouragement of the new comers.

Rules & Regulations:

  1. All the rules and regulations which are formulated by university are also imposed on all society members.
  2. The society will work under the senior tutor office.
  3. The Society will be supervised by one or two faculty members as nominated by the office of Senior Tutor.
  4. All the UVAS students may become member of the society EXCEPT those penalized (major penalty) by the University.
  5. The Society will represent the university in all national/international events after the approval of the competent authority.
  6. Involvement in political activities inside the university will lead to cancellation of membership.
  7. Involvement of members in sectarian hatred, racialism is not allowed.
  8. Society will not organize neither participate in any event which is against our cultural, religious and social norms.
  9.  All the activities of the society will be carried out with consultation of the executive cabinet of the society and individual acts of the members will not be allowed.
  10. Involvement in any kind of misconduct may lead to cancellation of membership.
  11. Society will design their rules and regulation under the direction of senior tutor office.
  12. All the official communications within University or outside university will be through proper channel.


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Concerned Faculty Members

Ms. Rafia Kiran Zahid

Deptt of Social Sciences

Dr. Hassan Bin Aslam

Deptt of Microbiology