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UVAS -Tie 4 Youth Club

The objectives declared by both organizations reveal that the UVAS and TiE Lahore Chapter are pursuing similar interests. One of the common interests is the interest of harboring the nation’s young entrepreneurship spirit. Both organizations are pursuing the same interests and also, both have adapted similar strategic programs to attain their objectives, for instance: the Youth oriented programs run by both organizations.

TiE Lahore has developed a Youth Entrepreneurial Society that aims to help guide the youth in their pursued business ventures of tomorrow. Under the Program TiE is establishing Business Clubs in all institutions in Lahore. UVAS Lahore has many programs running that include similar objectives. With such jointly vested interests, TiE Lahore and UVAS Lahore have decided to form a collaboration to help bring out the maximum potential embodied by the Entrepreneurial Youth of Pakistan.

General Information

TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) is a global nonprofit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. TiE has 57 chapters in 14 countries, with a total membership exceeding 13,000. TiE was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. TiE’s mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education.


The planned activities are:

  • Inauguration of TiE4Youth Club (Annual)
  • Business Plan Competition
  • Entrepreneurship Sessions (with Guest Speakers)
  • Entrepreneurship/Venture Bazaar (University level)
  • Participation in TiECON
  • Annual Best TiE4Youth Competition (Based on activities, ideas, members, participation)
  • Business Plan writing Workshops
  • Trips to Industries and Entrepreneurs
  • Standard TiE Seminars (The 10 step Workshop, How to write a Business Plan, Pitfalls in New Ventures, Brainstorming Sessions on New Opportunities, How to arrange funds and VC’s etc)
  • Focus Groups with TiE Charter Members
  • Concerts, Fashion Shows etc (To gain event mgmt and business experience)


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