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Natak Mandli – UVAS Drama Society

Natak Mandli
A family of progressive theatre lovers
"Art with a Cause"

Natak Mandli is a group of passionate students who believe in youth's freedom of expression. We are committed to create a theatre which is relevant to the issues faced by our general public and, whose characters are true to our culture. We strive to create an environment, conducive to learning and help students explore their spirituality and cultural identity through a medium of performing arts. We facilitate youth to explore their cultural identity through the wonderful process of theatre making and watching, Natak Mandli believes in equal human rights for females and practices it firmly and convincingly. That's why our females’ members are very comfortable and more confident during theatre activities. Although theatre has been happening in UVAS in different raw forms but since the start of 2010, Natak Mandli was formed by active students of and theatre started happening in an organized way. Within a period of merely 5 years Natak Mandli has performed at more than 70 venues which is no less than a great feat.

Natak Mandli got appreciation amongst Theatrical community both at National and International level. We all welcome you whole heartedly in the family of amateur actors, directors, choreographers, designers and theatre lovers. We hope that your experience within Natak Mandli will enrich you consciously and would remain with you whole of your life. you can join us at our facebook page and through e-mail.


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Concerned Faculty Members

  • Dr. Asim Khalid  
    Incharge Pet Centre
  • Dr. Muhammad Oneeb
    Deptt of Parasitology
  • Dr. Faiz Rasool             
    Deptt of Parasitology
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