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Civic Engagement Program


Civic engagement program was launched in 2012 under supervision of US government. US government selected ten universities from Pakistan, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences was among those. Our University was mentored by University of Minnesota. Since its inception, Prof. Dr. Aneela Zameer is in-charge of this program. Various student groups are also working in this program. A number of events have been conducted under this program as described hereunder.

Events Organized

1. UVAS students in Cattle Market Management Company Lahore (shahpur kanjra) and Pakistan cattle show (sheikhupura)

On 27th  to  30th  August,  at  Saggian  Bakar Mandi  civic engagement  Programme of UVAS arranged a visit of   Vets Care club and Post graduate students under supervision of Prof. Dr. Aneela Zameer Durrani volunteered at cattle markets .Students volunteered for examination of animals at arrival, first aid, tagging, services in market and as well as the judging at   Pakistan Cattle Show.Students also volunteered with the aims.

2. Civic Engagement activity of Deworming camp at Pattoki  and Sattar wala

Prof Dr Aneela Zameer Durrani as patron organized deworming capm at Pattoki.   Vet Crescent Society conducted the activity dated 10-02-2018 at Adan village, Pattoki. The main purpose of the camp was to give maximum exposure to the first year students to overcome their fear of dealing with animals. Almost 80 students of DVM joined us from Lahore as well as Pattoki campus joined with full enthusiasm.

3. Seminar on career couching of DVM final year students

Motivational session has been arranged in collaboration with Alltech Pakistan on 24th October 2017 at Ravi Campus Pattoki. Dr Shahzad Naveed Jadoon, Managing Director Alltech Pakistan was invited as speaker. He presented on the topic "SUCCESS ALL DEPENDs ON SECOND LETTER". More than 150 students from DVM finale year participated in the session.   Event concluded with the Q & A session with students about various aspects of the field.

4. Worlds Rabies Days

On 28th September,2017 world Rabies day was celebrated .The event was started with the awareness walk by the combine efforts of  Vet Cresent ,SAVERS and Vets Care Club . The purpose of this walk was to spread the  awareness  of  this  fatal  disease  among  our  people.  Seminar  on  the  importance  of  this  day  global experience on   elimination of this disease from society was highlighted. Our team also had an online survey about how much people are aware of its signs, symptoms, prevention and treatments. Vaccination camp at pet center was  also arranged with combined effort of all societies.

5.   World Animal Day 2017

World Animal Day is an international day of action for animal rights and welfare celebrated annually on October 4. On this momentous day, the awareness walk was conducted on 4th October 2017 in campus organized by the combine effort of all the three leading veterinary societies of UVAS i.e. Vet Crescent Society, Vets Care Club, and SAVERS.

6.   Professional Super League

Professional Super League was organized by Altec. Alltech is a global leader in animal nutrition, health and performance. It's the very first time in history that VCS is going to be a part of Professional Super League. It was a cricket match that was held between different industries of poultry and dairy.  VCS played with the leading tycoons of Dairy & Poultry Section in this Professional Super League. The match was held on 30th October 2017 in the UVAS Hostel ground. It was full of excitement and is full of experience and interaction with the leading tycoons of Poultry and Dairy Industries.

7.   General Quiz Competition

Prof. Dr. Aneela Zameer Durrani with Vet Crescent Society (VCS) organized   the event  of "General Quiz Competition 2017" on 7th December 2017 at Pharmacology Seminar Room, for the first time . This quiz competition was open for every degree. At the end of the event results was announced in which the team from DVM 3rd Year (Hamza Sharafat, Rao Hamza, Adeel and Paras) won the competition, and the Runner UP team was IBBT. It was indeed a tough competition b/w the teams.

8.   World Spay Day

World    Spay    Day is    a    fantastic    opportunity    to    educate    pet    owners    and    caretakers    on the importance and benefits of sterilization. World Spay Day. It draws attention to "spay/neuter as a proven means of saving the lives of companion animals, community (feral and stray) cats, and street dogs who might otherwise be put down in a shelter or killed on the street." It is an event held on the last Tuesday in February each year. Vet Crescent Society (VCS) in collaboration with other veterinary societies arranged an Awareness walk on 27th February 2018. Students of various degrees came to our photobooth and awareness desk and get awared of WSD’18.

9.   World Veterinary Day

World Veterinary Day is a day of Veterinarians celebrated every year on 28th April. University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences with collaboration with all its three leading societies Vet Crescent Society, Vets Care Club and SAVERS celebrated World Veterinary Day on 27th April 2018 and 28th April 2018 on the global theme of “The role of the Veterinary Profession in Sustainable Development to improve livelihoods, food security and safety”.

10. World Snake Day 2017

On 16th July 2017 at Lahore Zoo the day was celebrated by Vets Care Club.The aim was  to aware general public about these misinterpreted beautiful reptiles and to raise voice against the hunting of the species for its venom and other valuables.An awareness walk and a snake show for general public is arranged, flyers were also distributed having information about snake’s habitat, breeds and emergency first aid measures in case of snake bite.

11. World Food day 2017

The day was celebrated on 16 October 2017UVAS, Ravi campus, Pattoki by student clubs . The main theme was "Change the future of migration, Invest in rural development & food security" Awareness walk was conducted on this event.

12. " Rural Women---------Invisible Guardian in Goat farming in district Kasur Pattoki.

This project was implemented in two villages   of Tehsil Pattoki, District Kasur in neighborhood of the UVAS  Ravi  campus  Pattoki.  (Mundekye  and    Jaggo  Wala) .  Survey of villages  for identifying poor rural women for distribution of goats was done and beneficiaries were identified. Training session were conducted in villages with the help social mobilizer . Training material was distributed to participants. Field visit was done on Goat Farm of UVAS.    Beetal female goats were purchased from local market. The UVAS expert team on small animal ruminants helped in purchase of goats as per PAPRA rules . The goats were distributed to beneficiaries. After distribution the beneficiaries were given remaining training sessions. For breeding male bucks from UVAS small ruminant farms was used .The women will keep goats for two years after completion of project. Record keeping for vaccination and deworming was done on printed cards The cards will be kept by beneficiaries for follow up in future. .Goat Show was organized at the end of project for all beneficiaries.

A. Activities carried out under project

  1. Hands On Training Sessions  on goat management
  2. Provision of goats of beetal breed
  3. Vaccination and Deworming with Veterinary Care

B. Project Outcome Achieved :

  1. Improved  the income status of rural women.
  2. Awareness in rural women fir improved goat l husbandry for profitable farming was generated
  3. The project will be sustainable since group of rural beneficiaries’ will be followed up for problems and kids will be further distributed to other poor women as per project criteria.
  4. Village male elders were involved in project.


13. International Workshop on “Collective Action for Knowledge Economy using Technology HELD ON 19th and 20th March,2018 sponsored by PARB

Professional measures to enhance production skills in agriculture, horticulture, livestock, poultry and fisheries was the main theme of workshop that will fill the gap in knowledge of Community involvement for working together and production of staple food, vegetables, Fruits, eggs, meat and fish. Farming livestock, poultry, fish, agriculture, horticulture. Utilization of agro wastes, Biogas and other energy sources

14. Biogas Project

Biogas project was completed in a village of Pattoki, District Kasur. It was based on the fact that area does not  have any gas supply and manure disposal system previously. Moreover, people used to rely on wood as fuel which was leading to deforestation in the area,  ultimately.  The  project  supported  initiative  of  Prime  Minister  on  GREEN PAKISTAN and help to attain United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

A.  Activities

  1. Survey of villages
  2. Installation of Biogas plant
  3. Hands on Training Sessions on livestock management and country medicines
  4. Provision of  medicinal plants and  water plus soil sampling
  5. Deworming with Veterinary Care
  6. Linkage with private sector

B.  Outcomes

Installation of biogas plant helped rural women in cooking food, heating and for lighting. Moreover, organic manure as by product produced a better fertilizer and soil conditioner than raw manure. The project helped in afforestation and declined pressure on trees that in turn  proved  better  ecosystem  to  animals,  humans  and  birds.  The  project  ensured productive use of agricultural waste and cattle dung. Ultimately, it improved health condition for women, who earlier got directly affected due to use of firewood. Project was environmental friendly.

15. Pilot project on Sustainable forage and herbal deworming in rangeland of Chakwal

Rangelands  cover  more  than  51  percent  of  Pakistan.  Degradation  of  rangelands  is  a prominent  phenomenon  in  Pakistan.  Deforestation  is  a  major  cause  of  rangeland degradation.  Area  of  current  project  was  Chakwal  Range  land.  Three  villages  with nomadic population holding cattle, sheep, goat, camel for livelihood rangeland area were included in this project. The project supported initiative of Prime Minister on GREEN PAKISTAN.

A.  Activities carried out:

  1. Survey of villages for identifying
  2. Hands On Training Sessions  on livestock management and country medicines
  3. Provision of  medicinal plants and soil sampling
  4. Vaccination and Deworming with Veterinary Care
  5. Linkage with private sector

B.  Outcomes achieved

  1. Protection of ecosystem
  2. Conservation of rangelands
  3. Capacity building




16- Rabies Day held in UVAS organized by different societies VCC, VCS and Savers under civic engagement program

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