Directorate of Advanced Studies

Directorate of Advanced Studies & Research came into existence alongwith the University in July, 2002. Directorate of Advanced Studies and Directorate of Research work together since the upgradation of the College of Veterinary Sciences into the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore. In March 2007 Directorate of Advanced Studies became independent and making progress with fully sprit.  

Higher Education is imperative to the development of a nation and the Universities are considered to be the main source of higher education, research and human resources development. Consequently, skilled man-power is produced to work in the industrial and other technological sectors.

The postgraduate scholars are expected to produce leadership qualities in themselves and practice higher ethical values like honesty, truthfulness, contentment and hence develop a balanced personality in terms of their mental and physical faculties.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize that as a postgraduate, students should aim to become and experts in their field of study, so that they could serve the nation in a befitting manner. They are also expected to develop a holistic approach towards scientific solutions to the problems of the Animal Sector and become the scientific leaders of the nation.


Dr. Sakhra Mahmood