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UVAS Music Society

Music fuels the mind and thus fuels our creativity. A Creative mind has the ability to make discoveries and create innovations. Music is a purist form of art. Moreover it is the most essential part of all the cultures on this earth. Its expression by human being and by instruments has been continued since the dawn of human evolution. Keeping in view the importance of music, we have planned to establish a society in our university for the music lover students. This proposed society will be responsible for organizing the music gala functions and training sessions of music for the students round the year in collaboration with Musicology Institutes and Music Counsels. These trainings will help the students to get trained in different music categories i.e. Classical Music, Ghazals Singing, Folk and Pop Music. The students, through this forum, will be able to represent the university in different national and international music competitions. We already have very talented students in these music fields which will serve as motivational tool for the other students.

Mission Statement

Provoking Potential Producing professional and artist

Name and Nature of Society

The name of the society will be “UVAS Music Society”. It will be a non-profit and non-political organization.

Address of the Society

The head office of the society will be in City Campus, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore


The main objective of this society is to polish these students and to make them little bit professional in this field of music along with their academics. Often they are provided an opportunity to perform in many functions / program of UVAS. Experience of these performances builds their confidence to perform at any forum and platform. Following are more objectives.

  • To provide a plat form for hunting talent
  • To provide basic training of Classical, Ghazal, Folk & Pop singing to students.
  • Fostering discussion on the spectrum of the achievements.
  • Form the e –mail system of members and to keep both student and alumni.


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