Since ages, human beings have been dependent on animals in many ways. A large number of them (buffalo, cattle, sheep, goat, poultry, etc.) are of outstanding economic importance due to their ability to produce essential food items (milk, meat, eggs, etc.). Others contribute in several ways to meet various needs of the society, e.g. horses, camels, donkeys and mules are used for transportation of goods and people and in different types of sports (racing, polo, shows, etc.). In cities the number of dogs and cats are increasing, specially in smaller size families with disposable income. In these ways, domesticated animals have become of primary importance for millions of landless, small and marginal rural land holders of Pakistan. These animals are their most important capital reserves (60-70%) and are ensuring their family subsistence and socio-economic security. Their role as foreign exchange earners through running of various urban markets/industries is also of definite significance. Availability of livestock and their products/byproduct s in required amounts is, therefore, essential both for food, national security and recreation.

One of the factors that influence efficient production of animals is their reproductive performance. The subject of theriogenology, covering the physio-pathological aspects of male and female reproduction, occupies central position in achieving this latter objective in an efficient manner. The professionals and scientists working in different disciplines of this subject (Education/Training, Research, Extension and related Industries/Agencies) are, therefore, responsible to play a key role in enhancing livestock productivity and thus help in uplifting the socio-economic status of our weaker rural segments. Presently, they are working in isolation failing to generate an impact, which needs to be visible from a national perspective.

Society for Animal Reproduction of Pakistan (SARP) envisages to provide these groups opportunities of close interaction for collaborative work on problems pertaining to regulation of male and female fertility among different animals. It also aims to help in enhancement of genetic potentials of future generations of animals through adaptation and application of useful technologies that shall be available in the field of animal reproduction. Internationally, reproductive technologies are being utilized to save endangered species, breeding of zoo animals in captivity, production of pharmaceuticals in milk through gene manipulation of the embryo, etc. In this way, the Society shall stand to serve as a common platform for local and overseas theriogenologists for pooling ideas and exposure of their original findings at seminars, workshops and symposia to be organized periodically. One of its major commitment would be dissemination of new information on technologies, technical innovations and their applications under field conditions in various areas/regions of Pakistan.

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Executive Body


Name of the Port Folio

Name of the Person



President SARP

Dr. Amjad Riaz

Associate Professor, Deptt. of Theriogenology UVAS, Lahore


Vice Presidents




Prof.Dr. Pershotam Khatari

Professor/Chairman Animal Reproduction Faculty of AH&VS SAU, Tandojam, Hyderabad


Dr. Muhammad Umer

Associate Professor, Lasbella University, Uthal


Dr. Humayoun,

Associate Professor University of Agriculture Peshawar

Gilgit Baltistan/AJK

Dr. Muhammad Zubair

Assistant Professor, University of
Poonch Rawala Kot (UPR)


General Secretary

Dr. Muhammad Zubair Bari

DLO Lahore L&DD Dept. Punjab


Joint Secretary

Prof.Dr. Huma Jamil

Professor, Deptt. of Theriogenology UAF, Faisalabad


Information Secretary

Dr. Muhammad Zahid Tahir

Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Theriogenology, UVAS Lahore



Dr. Muhammad Rizwan Yousuf

Associate Professor, Deptt. of Theriogenology, UVAS Lahore


Regional Representatives




Dr. Muhammad Afzal

Former Registrar, UVAS, Lahore



Prof. Dr. Aqeel Ahmad Memon

Professor Animal Reproduction Faculty of AH&VS SAU, Tandojam, Hyderabad



Dr. Shahzada Khuram

Owner of Private Vet. Institute, KPK



Dr. Azam Kakar

L&DD Baluchistan


Gilgit Baltistan/AJK

Dr. Adnan Rashid Malik

Deputy Director, L&DD AJK



Prof. Dr. Shahab

Dean, Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad

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Dr. Amjad Riaz (President SARP)

Dr. Muhammad Zahid Tahir
(Information Secretary)