B.S. (Hons.) Medical Laboratory Technology Undergraduate Programs

The Goal of this program is to develop Skilled Human Resources that can serve in the human and veterinary diagnostic laboratories as well as in the research institutions.”


B.S. (Hons.) Medical Laboratory Technology is the study of sciences related to laboratory analysis of samples from healthy and diseased individuals. In addition to dedicated courses such as histology, histopathology, hematology, clinical microbiology, parasitology and pathology, laboratory instrumentations, molecular diagnostics, forensic pathology, etc. The students will learn skills essential for performing practical work in the laboratories. This 4-years undergraduate degree program will provide trained manpower to serve in medical diagnostics and research laboratories as well as academic institutions. The institute is equipped with the state-of-the-art laboratories including a Biosafety Level 3. Laboratory for Emerging Pathogens approved form Punjab Heath Care Commission for Covid-19 PCR Testing.


 A medical lab technologist not only works in laboratory settings to help in disease diagnosis, he also performs a number of other duties as well which makes the position highly demanding. The work of a medical laboratory technician requires creativity, problem-solving skills, innovation and much more.  A number of Medical Laboratory Technicians find employment in pathology labs, research labs, urologist office, pharmaceuticals, and hospitals. Apart from the above opportunities, an aspirant can also pursue a career in the education line. The students graduate with the degree and go for a career in Medical Laboratory Technology.
The healthcare industry is in the midst of one of the most significant shortages of trained personnel in its history, and leaders predict this trend will continue. The shortage of laboratory personnel is expected to remain high because in the near future many of the current practitioners will be entering retirement years, and not enough programs exist to meet the needs of the industry. So a greater demand for Medical Technologists, who constitute 60% of working of total healthcare team, will be raised to cater patient care needs.