Challan generation

  1. Student Challan
  2. Print Department Chalan

IT Services

  1. Eduroam Configuration guide for Android Mobiles
  2. Eduroam Configuration guide for IPhone
  3. Eduroam Configuration guide for MAC OS
  4. Eduroam Configuration guide for Windows 7
  5. Eduroam Configuration guide for Windows 8,10
  6. UVAS Wireless Settings Activation File
  7. Smart University Performa Facolty-Staff
  8. Smart University Performa Guest
  9. Smart University Performa Student
  10. IP Policy Proforma
  11. IT Service Form
  12. UVAS CTS Proxy Settings File (use within University)
  13. UVAS Wireless Settings File (use within University)


  1. E-30 Form
  2. Application form for Registration - E2
  3. Course Work Performa
  4. Guideline for Thesis Writing
  5. Guideline for synopsis Writing
  6. Synopsis Template For PG Students
  7. Course work sample for M.Phil/Ph.D
  8. Performa for M.Phil. (Zoology & Genetics) Thesis Evaluation
  9. Thesis Observation Form for Postgraduate Students...New
  11. Checklist for Research Incentive
  12. Application Form for Ethical Committee Approval in Biomedical Research
  13. Panel of Examiners for M.Phil. Thesis Evaluation
  14. M.Phil. Thesis Evaluation Committee Forms

Business School

  1. Checklist for MBA Program

PM Laptop

  1. Undertaking of M.Phil and Ph.D students for provision of laptops under PM Scheme
  2. Download Affidavit for Undergraduate / Master (16 Year) Students (Laptop Scheme)
  3. PM Laptop Scheme Correction Performa

Student Services

  1. Schedole of Semester-II, 2020-21 For Post-Graduate Classes
  2. Application Form for Character Certificate
  3. Application For Bonafide Certificate (FAPT)
  4. Application For English Proficiency Certificate (FAPT)
  5. English Proficiency Certificate Form for Facolty of Bio-Sciences Students
  6. Character Certificate form Facolty of Bio-Sciences Students
  7. Bonafied Certificate Form for Facolty of Bio-Sciences Students
  8. Scholarship Receipt Form
  9. New DMC Form
  10. Library Membership Form
  11. Clearance Form
  12. Affidavit for Admission
  13. Migration Proforma
  14. Charecter Certificate
  15. PMFRS Student Validation Guide
  16. General Health Profiling Form for Students
  17. Survey of Graduating Students
  18. University Hostel Admission Form
  19. Chief Proctor / Head Girl Application
  20. Application for Discontinuation of Studies
  21. University securities refund Form ...New
  22. Students Fee Instalment Proforma ...Revised
  23. Enrolment Form for One Year Dairy Herd Diploma Course
  24. Enrolment Form for Livestock Assistant Diploma Course
  25. Curricolum of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) for 5-Year Composite Degree Program
  26. Consent Form for externship and exchange program in the Foreign University
  27. Regolations Relating to Migration of Students from Other Public Sector Universities to UVAS, Lahore and Vice Versa
  28. Roles and Regolations Affiliation & Regolations relating to Migration of Students

Departmental Services

  1. Proforma For Arrangements of Functions
  2. intellectual Property-Policy Certificate
  3. Requisition Form of Amphitheater (Academic Block)
  4. Benevolent Fund Form (for University Employees)
  5. No Demand Certificate (Clearance Certificate) for the convenience of University employees

University hall booking

  1. Requisition for Conference Hall
  2. Requisition Slip for Seminar Room
  3. Auditorium Requisition Slip/ Proforma
  4. Requisition for The Use of Auditorium at Ravi Campus Pattoki
  5. Application Form for the Allotment of State Land Under the Graduate Scheme for Agricolture/ Forestry/ Veterinary Graduates.

University Transport

  1. University Vehicles Requisition
    1. Employee Performa
    2. Student Performa
    3. Vehicle Parking Sticker Request Form

Job Forms

  1. Application Accademic Form
  2. Application Non-Accademic Form

Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council

  1. PVMC Registration form

Ordinence / Women Act / Policies

  1. HEC Plagiarism Policy
  2. Policy for Students with Disabilities at Higher Education Institutions in Pakistan
  3. HEC Policy of Sexual harassment-2020 
  4. UVAS Lahore Ordinance 2002 (English version)
  5. UVAS Lahore Ordinance 2002 (Urdu version)
  6. The Protection against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010.


  1. Diseases of Dairy Animal & Control


  1. TTS HEC Appointment Endorsement Performa
  2. Performa permission to hold less than 4 students
  3. Performa for Arrangements of Tours


  1. Alumni Registration Form
  2. Annual Confidential Report of Non-Academic Staff.
  3. Annual Confidential Report of Academic Staff.


  1. Overseas scholarship Form
  2. HEC-Japanese Need Based Scholarship Financial Assistance Form
  3. Application for Grant of Educational Scholarship out of Benevolent Fund
  4. Mevlana Exchange Program student application form