B.S. (Hons.) Biochemistry
Our curricula with laboratory facilities for teaching and research will provide best opportunity to the students of B.S. (Hons.) Biochemistry.


The BS (Hons.) Biochemistry is a program that trains students, with the principles, concepts, techniques and applications involved in biochemistry. Students will gain an understanding of life, essential bio-molecules required for life, the processes involved in the production of energy, the mechanism for the survival of organisms, through the core courses of this degree program. Biochemistry is a discipline deals with the study of chemistry of bio-molecules, the reactions going on in the cell, their mechanism and detailed study: how and why these reactions happen, the production of energy in the form of ATP and the ways to utilize this energy. Our well-developed curriculum provide ample oppurtunities for students to learn about the biochemistry of biomolecules, hormones, environment, nutrition, disease, enzymes, plants and metabolism of various biomolecules. Practical courses in the degree program are included to develop the practical approach among students. Biochemists are curious as to HOW and WHY biological processes happen. They use novel techniques to get structural information.