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The Vet Crescent Society (VCS) is a registered society of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences and is working for the welfare of animals as well as professional grooming of vets. It is a ‘non-profit’ and ‘non-governmental organization” run by volunteers of UVAS students. Amongst them are the senior most students, juniors and even the new comer of the university. The work of the society is completely charitable.
We have a complete record of the society functions which were arranged by the society members. These include Free Vaccination Camps, Free treatment Camps, Free Eid Camps, Eid Millan parties, and annual functions of the Society etc.

In almost all the functions and camps the society members were guided by eminent professors and teachers of the University. At some occasions the respectable Vice Chancellor and honorable Deans of different faculties also participated and encouraged the members of the Society.

Now, at present, the society is on peak and all the more than 400 registered members (Veterinary students from the first year to final year) many postgraduate students of different departments, teaching assistants, lecturers, assistant professors and professors of the UVAS along with the responsible executive body from president to general member from student side and chief organizer to patron in chief (Vice Chancellor) from teacher side of the society and office bearers are eager to do something extra ordinary which had not been done previously.


  • To support and encourage the good health and welfare of the animals.
  • To promote the value of our animals in the society.
  • To support and represent the interest of the members of the society.
  • To promote the professional and foster co-operation among members the profession.
  • To learn from the knowledge, expertise and personal experience of veterinarians involved in animal practice.
  • To increase public awareness of the abuse of animals in our society.
  • To prevent exploitation of animals.
  • To educate the public and particularly young people to a sense of moral responsibility towards animals.
  • To promote a lifestyle that does not involve the abuse of animals
  • To arrange different free vaccination camps periodically in different areas of the province.
  • To arrange free Eid camp on every Eid-ul-Adhaa in different localities of city.
  • To present general health facilities to animals.
  • To guide the students during vaccination camp, Eid camps, visits to villages for extension work etc.
  • To facilitate and educate the farmers for the betterment of animals and indirectly for the betterment of farmers.
  • To arrange seminars, lectures on different topics related to animal health, disease control, management etc.


Vet Crescent Society has organized many indoor and outdoor activities that are fruitful for the welfare of animals as well as good for giving the hand on exposure and grooming of the newly comer vets. The activities include: -

  • Deworming Camps
  • Vaccination Camps
  • Free Treatment Camps
  • Free Eid Treatment Camps
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Awareness Campaigns


Vet Crescent Society believes that the society can works by maintaining the decorum and by doing the quality work in every field.  Vet Crescent Society welcome everyone who is enthusiastic for the work of animal welfare and for the work of professional grooming of the vets.  VCS Cabinet is a body of people that runs the society and to maintain its decorum is the responsibility of every member. Every year the cabinet is updated based on the quality of work done by its members. VCS Cabinet Comprises of the following posts that is designated to its members:-

  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Chief Coordinator
  • Finance Secretary
  • Media Secretary
  • Medicine Bank Incharge
  • Logistic Secretary
  • Information Secretary
  • Event Co-coordinators
  • Class Co-coordinators
Cabinet 2017   Cabinet 2018  


For more details and information and to get in touch with more activities visit the facebook page of Vet Crescent Society (VCS) by clicking the following link: -

VCS Events


Professor Dr. Aneela Zameer Durrani
(Chairperson Department of Clinical Medicine and Surgery)
(Patron VCS)

  • Awareness Walk On World Animal Day
  • Awareness Walk On World Spay Day
  • Dr. Masroor Sagheer (Vet Instructor VCS)
  • Field 1
  • Field 10
  • Field 2
  • Field 3
  • Field 4
  • Field 5
  • Field 6
  • Field 7
  • Field 8
  • Field
  • Free Vaccination Camp At Jaggowala
  • General Quiz Competition By VCS
  • Motivational Lecture Of Dr. Shahzad Naveed Jadoon
  • Seminar On The World Rabies Day 2017
  • Vaccination Camp At Chung By VCS
  • Vaccination Camp At Jaggowala By VCS