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UVAS Scouts Club


The purpose of the introduction of Scouting in University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is to contribute to the development of Students in achieving their full physical, intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual potentials as individuals, as responsible citizens, and as members of their local, national, and international communities.

Introduction of Scouting


“Empowering young people with skills to create a better word”

Scouting is a global youth Movement that builds friendships, experiences, and skills for life, shaping young people's futures as active citizens. More than 500 million young people and adults have joined and experienced the power of Scouting's non-formal education since it was founded in 1907. Each joined the Movement to be active citizens and create positive change in their communities.
Today, Scouting is the world's leading educational youth movement with over 57 million Scouts in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Through its unique combination of education, adventure and fun, Scouting continues to be an inspiration for young people to become active citizens who are engaged in creating a better and more sustainable world.

Empowering Young People as Global Citizens

Scouting promotes the growth and development of young people both as individuals and citizens through its programmes and initiatives. It is an educational movement committed to ensuring that each new generation of young people has the opportunity to realise their full potential as leaders in their community and the world.
Scouting’s non-formal educational approach aims to equip young people with the skills and competencies that enable these ideals. Through the Youth Programme, Scouting supports young people to become active citizens who are committed to being of service by being solutions-oriented and focused on creating positive change.

Global citizens are those who identify themselves not as a member of a nation, but instead as a member of humanity. They are understanding and tolerant of other people and cultures. They fight for the protection of our planet. They are committed to service and helping others.”

Scout Method

The Scout Method is an essential and unique system for progressive self-education. It applies various elements that support Scouting’s purpose and principles and creates a cohesive and balanced system for young people to experience the true potential of Scouting in a safe environment. By empowering young people to become active citizens, they will gain lifelong learning and skills based on shared values, education, fun, and enjoyment.


Scouting is a medicine composed of various ingredients and, unless they are mixed in their proper proportions according to the prescription, the users must not blame the doctor if the effects on the patient are unsatisfactory.

Scouting Education

Scouting education enables young people to be self-fulfilled, inspired, action-oriented, and committed to a life of purpose. Scouting is rooted in the transformative ideals of equality, inclusivity, mutual respect, sustainability, harmony, and optimism for the future.


Scout Promise and Law

Scouting celebrates inclusion and is open to everyone regardless of gender, age, background, faith, or beliefs. Every Scout is unique, but they find common ground in their shared Scout values. These values are upheld in the Scout Promise and Law, which are adapted to fit the unique culture, traditions, and diversity of each National Scout Organization.

Scout Promise

The Scout Promise is a personal and social commitment that a young person makes at the beginning of their Scouting journey. As every Scout around the world makes a similar promise, it promotes a sense of unity and marks the first step towards self-education and discovery of the Scout Method.

Scout Law

The Scout Law describes the values that every Scout should try to live up to in order to become an upstanding member of the Movement and their community. While the wording of the Scout Law has changed over time and among different National Scout Organizations, its key principals and objectives remain the same.

  1. A Scout’s honour is to be Trusted
  2. A Scout is Loyal.
  3. A Scout’s Duty is to be Useful and to Help others.
  4. A Scout is Friend to all and a brother/sister to every other Scout.
  5. A Scout is Courteous.
  6. A Scout is a Friend to Animals.
  7. A Scout Obeys order of his/her parents, patrol leader, or scoutmaster without question.
  8. A Scout Smiles and Whistles under all difficulties.
  9. A Scout is Thrifty.
  10. A Scout is clean in Thought, Word, and Deed.


Founder and Convener UVAS Scouts Club

Dr. Muhammad Imran (President Gold Medalist Rover Scout)
Dept. of Economics and Business Management