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UVAS Science Club

Vision Statements

UVAS Science Club is a hub of peerless Learning and Mentoring. Practicing is our manifesto; Leadership is our symbol; Courage is our identity, and LEARN FREE; SERVE FREE is our Slogan. This forum is a unique amalgamation of Science and related Academic Skills.

Young students get to learn about combinations of diverse perspectives; they explore the interdependence of art and narrations. They explore how design and media is a colloquial lingo of science and academia.

They get to interact with giant researchers who debunk the secrets of strong research and journalism. Masters and doctoral students shower their experience on young breeds of trainers and trainees, and this cultivates the ambiance of mutual growth and harmony. 

Communicators learn the art of simplification: jargons get themselves translated in lucid terminologies. Cost-effective models of fascinating science make their space, and this is how our youth is getting trained. Our young and passionate mentors are introducing the interactive and engaging ways of intellectual training. This is how UVAS Science Club is defying the norms and introducing the culture of effective learning and mentoring.

Our Mission

UVAS Science Club holds a multitude of missions and goals. We aim to shatter the narratives of seeing science and literature in segregation. Our training programs are committed to produce breeds of young leaders, researchers, artists, designers and mentors.

Our missions sound like a big statement, but our organogram is truly demonstrating how productively and smoothly we are achieving the heights of our predicted goals and visions.

Our country, unluckily, couldn’t accommodate intellectual and revolutionary minds. We are not claiming to give birth to revolutionaries, but we are trying to present a model that’s a need of progress and inventions. Our programs are trying to fill the gaps that our education system unknowingly is broadening since years, and the ultimate sufferers are our students and young graduates who graduate with their validated degrees just to suffer more in later years of life.

Graduates of our training programs will continue the legacy by mentoring others in subsequent sessions, and this is how this Club will produce communities of visionaries.

Faculty Advisor of UVAS Science Club


Dr. Khan is a Pharmacist by profession and is serving as the Director, Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore Pakistan. His research focus is on medication pharmacotherapy, safety and evidence synthesis, Randomized clinical trials, systematic reviews, meta-analysis and network meta-analysis. He won a research excellence award by Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Hellen in 2016 and also won the best educator award by Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. Andrew Walker in 2017. He was also granted the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award Jul 2017.

Founder of UVAS Science Club


Khola Abid is a senior year student of PharmD at UVAS, Lahore. She is an experienced science writer, communicator, peer reviewer and science editor. She worked as a Science Writer at Scientista, UK;  Science Communicator at Science Fuse, UK; Science Editor at Scientia- Pakistan; and as a Professional Reviewer at the National High School Journal of Science, UK.

In her institution, she founded a UVAS Science Club where she mentored youngsters about Science communication, and currently, heading a Global training program, curated for Science Editors and writers, as a Senior Editor.

She introduced science communication for the very first time in UVAS in 2018, and now almost dozens of students are serving as science communicators in society. She worked as Peer Mentor in UVAS, and taught two courses along with organizing many workshops. The Science Literature Wing flourished under her assistance, and the students learned the art of scientific writing and Manuscript Reading.


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