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Special Animals & Veterinary Emergency Relief Society (SAVERS)


Special Animals & Veterinary Emergency Relief Society (SAVERS) is a registered society working in University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences. This non-governmental organization  provides a platform for young vet students to get themselves aware of their profession, and help them to have maximum exposure with their future professional life, and that is to save animals, develop a passion to rescue them and conserve them, whatever sector is it, SAVERS has been striving hard to make a change between the modern society and the traditional values and practices regarding veterinary sciences, to make the young vet students to have international skills and well aware knowledge of their legacy. SAVERS is not just a name of an organization, it's a name of a journey, towards the road of a purposeful life and prosperity of both animals and humans. The Alumni network of SAVERS is itself a symbol of what this society strives to provide and achieve. SAVERS has raised many awareness seminars among the wild life, rabies, one health, animal day and all other related events regarding the public awareness of all the critical points residing in our society regarding humans and animals relation. Several free vaccination and deworming camps have also been arranged regarding the safety and precaution against lethal diseases that are the main threat to the main assets of our nation, the livestock and dairy. In a nutshell SAVERS is a Society that is trying to serve the nation by helping the youth to have an professional outlook on life and the helping those who can't even say the word HELP.

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  • To offer our services to animals that are at par with the healthcare provided for humans
  • To eradicate certain fatal zoonotic diseases from Pakistan in the upcoming years
  •  To inspect and test animals for major diseases and to provide vaccines for their treatment
  • To arrange free deworming camps in different areas of the city
  • To arrange free Eid camps in different locations
  • To enhance the welfare of the animals
  • To conduct public health programs for the prevention and control of diseases


“To provide relief to animals, to train undergraduates so that they could excel in the field, and to work for the welfare of animals as long as need be”

Recent Events

In the recent year, the following events are covered or organized by SAVERS:

  • 1st Alumni Reunion & Oath Taking Ceremony’17
  • World Animal Day’17
  • World Veterinary Day’17
  • World Rabies Day’17
  • Eid Treatment Camp’17
  • 2nd Alumni Reunion & Oath Taking Ceremony’18
  • World Veterinary Day’18
  • Eid Treatment Camp’18
  • World Rabies Day’18
  • Deworming & Treatment Camp’18
  • Educational Tour To Safari Zoo’19
  • 3rd Alumni Reunion & Oath Taking Ceremony’19


  1. SAVERS-Council of Veterinary Education (CoVE)
    Facebook: SAVERS.CoVE
  2. SAVERS-Council of Veterinary Social Issues (CoVSI)
    Facebook: SAVERS.CoVSI

Event Reports


  1. SAVERS Annual Event Report 2019


  1. Awareness Seminar on Scholarships and Externships 2020
  2. Free Deworming and Treatment Camp at Sitarwala 2020
  3. Workshop on E-Training 2020
  4. Civic Engagement Activity; One Day Livestock Extension Work 2020
  5. NAVLE Talk 2020
  6. One Day Training Workshop on Farm Health & Management 2020

Members Organization

Faculty Convener

Dr. Muhammad Oneeb (Faculty Convener)        
Dr. Muhammad Oneeb
Assistant Professor, Department of Parasitology
Associate Senior Tutor


Dr. Muhammad Awais (Head Organizer)
Dr. Muhammad Awais
Designation in SAVERS:
Faculty Advisor, City Campus, Lahore.
Designation in UVAS:
Lecturer, Pet Center
Dr. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal
Designation in SAVERS:
Faculty Advisor, Ravi Campus, Pattoki.
Designation in UVAS:
Lecturer, Department of Veterinary Medicine, UVAS.


IMG-20200204-WA0013 1 IMG-20200204-WA0013 1 Ifrah Irshad (President 2019-20) Ali Raza (President 2018-19)
Ibrahim Sohail 
President 2021
Syed Faizan Ali Shah
President 2020
Ifrah Irshad
President 2019
Ali Raza
President 2018

Muhammad Jamshaid Javed (President 2017-18) Syed Muhammad Faheem Ahmad  (2014-15)    
Muhammad Jamshaid Javed
President 2017
Dr. Syed Muhammad Faheem Ahmad
President 2014




  • IMG 7999.JPG 1581529992799
  • 10-a-Group Photo Of Pre-liminaray  Round Of UVAS HUNT 2019
  • 10-b-Group Photo Of Final Round Of  UVAS HUNT 2019
  • 11- Group Photo Of Awarness Seminar  On Scholarship And Externships
  • 12-Graoup Photo Of Free Deworming  And Treatment Camp At Sitarwall 2020
  • 13-GroupPhoto Of Workshop On  E-training 2020
  • From Left To Right  Assad Muneer  (Senior Vice President), Ifrah Irshad (President), Syed Faizan Ali Shah  (Vice President) (2019)
  • Group Photo Of 2nd Alumni Reunion  And Oath Taking Ceremony (2018)
  • Group Photo Of 3rd Alumni Reunion  And Oath Taking Ceremony (2019)
  • Muhammad Husnain Receiving His  Certificate Of General Secratary From Dr. Assad (2019)
  • Syed Faizan Ali Shah Recieving  Certificate Of Vice Presidentship From Dr. Nofil Mustafa (2019)
  • IMG 8001.JPG 1581529973039
  • IMG 8003.JPG
  • IMG 8122.JPG 1581529843038
  • 9-Group Photo Of Free Vaccination And Treatment Camp 2019-1
  • 2-Group Photo Of Free Deworming And Treatment Camp At Sitarwala Village 2018
  • 7-Group Photo Of Free Eid Treatment Camp At Saggian Mandi 2019
  • 8-Group Photo Of World Animal Day 2019 Quiz Competition
  • 3-Group Photo Of Educational Tour To Safari Zoo 2019
  • 4-Group Photo Of Horse Show 2019
  • 5-Group Photo Of Workshop On MS Word And MS Publisher 2019
  • 6-Group Photo Of Workshopon Act Of Kindness 2019