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The name of the organization is 'International Veterinary Students' Association Pakistan' which is national chapter of IVSA, abbreviated as 'IVSA Pakistan' and hereinafter Local Chapter is referred as 'IVSA Pakistan, Local Chapter City Name', e.g. IVSA Pakistan, Bahawalpur.


IVSA Pakistan was established by Dr Salman Sadiq & Dr Hafiz Muhammad Zaid in 2016 at University of Veterinary and
Animal Sciences, Lahore (UVAS) and hereinafter head office will remain at UVAS for time being.

Mission Statement

The mission of IVSA Pakistan is “To promote the international application of veterinary skills, education and knowledge among the students of veterinary sciences & make them able to create international links and exchanges for the betterment of veterinary potential in Pakistan”.


The official language of IVSA Pakistan is English & the official font is Cambria. Logo, Certificates & Letter head, once approved by Central body, will remain same for all Local Chapters.


IVSA aims to:

  • Encourage veterinary students for National and International student exchanges.
  • Help veterinary Students in publications at national and International level.
  • Actively support measures to improve the standard of animal welfare in Pakistan.
  • Provide  opportunities  for  veterinary  students  to  undertake  education  in  important  areas  outside  traditional veterinary training.
  • Encourage student’s alliance in other international veterinary associations and organizations.

Main Activities

IVSA addresses its aims with the following specific activities:

  • Promoting and facilitating professional and scientific exchanges as well as projects and extracurricular training for veterinary students.
  • Arranging National & international events to promote international understanding, exchange of ideas and best
  • practices, and appreciation of animal health issues in different environments.
  • Representing the professional interest of veterinary students by collaborating with various professional bodies and organizations in the fields of veterinary care and public health in Pakistan.

National Symposium and Awards

  • One National Symposium will hold annually, irrespective to the area, in which participation of all Local main
  • Cabinet members will be encouraged.
  • Best President, Best Exchange Officer & Best Team awards will be awarded by IVSA Pakistan Central Body to best Performe

Governing Entity

The governing entities of IVSA Pakistan are:

  • IVSA Pakistan Central Cabinet
  • IVSA Pakistan Local Chapter Main Cabinet

IVSA Pakistan Central Cabinet

  • The Central Cabinet is the supreme decision making body of IVSA Pakistan.
  • The Central Cabinet is assembled annually.
  • The Central Cabinet elects the members of the Local Chapter Cabinet.
  • Annual fee for the central cabinet members is must.

Local Chapter Main Cabinet

  • The Main Cabinet is the supreme administrative body of local chapter.
  • The Main Cabinet is assembled during February-March annually.
  • The Main Cabinet and its President are the official representatives of Local Chapter.
  • Members of the Main Cabinet are elected by the IVSA Pakistan Central cabinet.
  • The Main Cabinet shall consist of eight to twelve (8-12) members, including the President.
  • Annual fee for the Main Cabinet members is lower than Central Cabinet.
  • More than one Assistant can be hired under a secretary, if needed, after the permission granted by President.


  • Membership drive should be open during August-November annually.
  • Membership fee for the members will be lower than Main Cabinet. All Members have the right to
  • Participate in Cultural & Scientific Student exchanges with local and International Chapters
  • Participate in the activities of IVSA Pakistan and IVSA Global.
  • Receive information about and have access to the publications of IVSA.
  • Be an Ambassador of Any of IVSA Standing Committee after approval of President.

Membership Details

Alumni & Life Members

  • Every IVSA Pakistan National & Local Chapter member is eligible to apply for Alumni membership.
  • Every IVSA Pakistan National & Local Chapter Main cabinet member is eligible to apply for the Life member.


  • The income of IVSA is generated from membership fees, subsidies, donations, legacies and other contributions. IVSA may establish funds for special purposes. Secretary Finance is responsible for the maintenance of finance accounts and answerable to President and General Secretary.
  • General Secretary can audit financial reports on the Recommendation of Central Cabinet and President.

Annual events and Activities

  • At least 4-6 Local Events should be held annually by every chapter.
  • Oath Taking ceremony (Welcome & farewell) is must for every local chapter every year.
  • Exchange Officer is responsible to submit monthly event report, in word or pdf format, to central cabinet (public
  • Relations Director).


Local  main cabinet  shall  encourage  IVSA Members  to submit  Research article,  case  report  and  review  papers  for publication in National and International journals of IVSA.

IVSA Useful Links

  3. www.facebook/ivsapakistan
  4. Insta@IVSA_Pakistan