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Physiology is an experimental discipline and is of core importance in medicine and related health sciences. A thorough understanding of normal body functions and more effective treatment of normal or diseased state is impossible without having basic concepts of physiology. Previously there was no such society working in this field. To fill this gap such a purposeful initiative was taken. So that all the students get connected at one platform to help them interact and learn from each other. It will also inspire them to bring innovation to learning.


Physiological Society of UVAS has distinctive objectives. It will surely:

  • Provide a platform to both undergraduate and postgraduate students to showcase their research to get feedback and appreciation from their peers.
  • Give the direction of research by highlighting the emerging topics and introducing latest research and ideas in the field of physiology.
  • Spotlight new areas of work and in this way broaden their range of work.
  • Arrange multiple inter and intra-varsity group discussions, lectures, tutorials, seminars and competitions to facilitate the students in grasping the basic concepts.
  • Ensure equal participation by all students which will be very helpful for students to feel motivated, engaged and empowered.

Concerned Faculty Convener

Dr. Sajid Khan Tahir
Department of Physiology