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The Artistry Hub

The Artistry Hub - UVAS is a club with high objective of providing an outlet for routine exertions."


  1. All the departments of UVAS have been gathered under one banner of The Artistry Hub (TAH) to promote Art and Fun.
  2. It is actually offering a podium for young artist to come out, represent their work mutually stand out according to nature of art they live in.


  1. Our aim is to help an artist to recognize his hidden talent and then use it in a creative manner to color his life and surrounding.
  2. We actually want to introduce art with a different style and unique touch an artist is the only one who can find beauty in useless patches.
  3. Our club looks the situation with a different mind.
  4. Our goal is to reshape different corners of UVAS with aid of artistic skills for the amusement of spectators.
  5. We will provide our students with a platform to standout and present their work by arranging different contest and competitions.
  6. It will help the students to become active and more challenging competitors.
  7. Conduction and participation in different intra and inter university activities will help promoting UVAS not only as academic institute but also to be best in extracurricular affairs.
  8. We are also interested in conducting different seminars for public awareness. We want to change the view of UVAS in the eyes of its students.


  1. Our club will provide the young artist with great exposure of their own work and letting them know what exactly they are capable of doing.
  2. We aim at removing the hurdles that come in the way of an artist when he is desirous of expressing his talent.
  3. It is all about making UVAS a firm place quite opposite to its present perception of a dull and boring place.
  4. Lastly, promoting extra curriculum activities in the university premises.


  1. It is an art praising club which aims at providing fun to the students.


Promo OF the Artistry hub