Department of Statistics and Computer Science


Welcome to Department of Statistics & Computer Science (DSCS) at University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (UVAS). This department is established under the Faculty of Life Sciences Business Management.

In the present era of information & technology, Statistics & Computer Science play vital role in almost every discipline of life. No scientific as well as social research can be effectively carried out without application of statistical techniques & computing software. So “Statistics & Computer Science” is an integral part of our academic disciplines and modern day research

The department comprised of experienced, capable and qualified faculty members who are contributing continuously through their dedicated teaching and quality research work. The department faculty is mainly engaged in teaching courses related to research methodologies and use of modern statistical tools such as SPSS, MINITAB, R, SAS etc. applied in multidisciplinary research areas.

The department is giving emphasis to areas with practical applications in veterinary sciences, poultry and fisheries, biological sciences, business management and statistical quality control in industries.

The department is also offering MSc Statistics (Two Year) program since 2015. To promote computing skills among the students and faculty, the Department has established a Bio-Statistical Consulting Center under the project of Pak-US Science and Technology cooperation program between UVAS and Jackson State University USA. This center serves the purpose to conduct workshops, seminars, statistical computing classes, data analysis and research collaboration with other departments.

The Department is committed to impart academic excellence and train students to meet the demand & developing careers in teaching and other public & private sector organizations. Along with this, we are intended to inculcate in them the core values of the society and educate them to become a useful citizen of the country.

Dr. Liaquat Ahmad