Vision and Mission(UBS)

UVAS Business School: The UBS is determined to play a significant role in the booming economy of Pakistan by providing skilful human resource in the field of business management, and endeavors to have competitive advantage down the line 5 years. UBS looks forward to contribute to the community by sensitizing our student with the passion of nation serving.

Mission Statement of UVAS Business School (UBS)

At UBS, we strive to provide educational excellence to the students in the field of business administration with particular emphasis on Life Sciences Business Management areas. We believe in pragmatic approach towards learning by providing state-of-the-art facilities, learned faculty and up-to-date technological assistance to the students. Our values include integrity and professional orientation of students.


 UBS espouse the following core values:

  1. Professionalism: We hold ourselves to the highest standards of expertise and of professional conduct.
  2. Innovation: We embrace change, creativity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Excellence: We pursue excellence in all we do and nurture this pursuit in others.
  4. Collegiality: In working together, we respect each other and welcome diverse viewpoints.
  5. Ethics: We are committed to doing the right thing in both our words and deeds.