University Diagnostic Laboratory

List of In-House Trainings Scheduled For 2008-09 In University Diagnostic Lab (UDL)

  1. How to manage a lab / Laboratory Ethics
  2. Diagnostic Postmortem for poultry diseases
  3. Anti-Bacterial activity of disinfectant
  4. Anti-Viral Activity of disinfectant
  5. Method Validation (Laboratory Developed Method)
  6. Awareness to Information Technology
  7. How to work with DIMS (Diagnostics Information Management System)
  8. In-House Calibrations
  9. Preservation and Transportation of samples
  10. Inter lab Comparison / Proficiency Testing
  11. Use of Statistical Packages in Diagnostics
  12. How to evaluate and improve working competence of analysts Note: Further more in-house trainings can be arranged on request as per above schedule (2008-09) for human resource development in the areas of Veterinary Disease Diagnostics.