Implementation of Lab Management System

ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (International Electro-technical Commission) form the specialized system for worldwide standardization. National bodies that are members of ISO or IEC participate in the development of international standard through technical committees established by respective organization to deal with particular fields of technical activity. ISO / IEC 17025 is an international standard developed by CASCO (ISO Committee on Conformity Assessment) and was approved by both bodies ISO and IEC, so called ISO / IEC 17025 UDL is testing and disease diagnostic lab and aims to achieve international level quality in testing, at present the Lab is performing its test at 95% of Confidence level. In future it will raise its quality up to 99% of Confidence. More than thirty tests are in the scope of accreditation. To achieve 99% confidence level and conformity of competence the authorities of this Lab decided to implement Lab Management System (ISO / IEC 17025). Implementation of this standard in the UDL is in process since August 2006. This activity started with the 1st level training of UDL staff to develop awareness toward this standard and now is in last phase of pre-assessment and final accreditation. UDL applied for accreditation to Pakistan National Accreditation Council (PNAC), Islamabad. Initial assessment in this regard has been done by the PNAC and full assessment has been done in December, 2008.