Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Departmental Impact

No Poverty

Zero Hunger

Good Health and Well-being

Quality Education

Responsible Consumption and Production

Peace, Justice and Strong Institution

Partnerships for the Goals

Life Below Water

  1. Programs offered on fresh-water ecosystems (water irrigation practices, water management/conservation) for local or national communities
  2. UVAS educational outreach activities for communities to raise awareness about overfishing
  3. Events organized to promote conservation and sustainable utilization of the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and marine resources
  4. Policy regarding food from aquatic ecosystems is sustainably harvested
  5. UVAS Working on ecosystems/ biodiversity under threat
  6. UVAS Working on technologies/ practices to minimize or prevent damage to aquatic ecosystems
  7. UVAS water quality standards and guidelines for water discharges to protect ecosystems, wildlife, and human health
  8. UVAS Action plan to reducing plastic waste on campus
  9. Policy on preventing and reducing marine pollution of all kinds
  10. Plan to minimize physical/ chemical and biological alterations of related aquatic ecosystems
  11. Monitoring of the health of aquatic ecosystems
  12. Collaborate with the local community to maintain shared aquatic ecosystems
  13. Watershed management strategy based on location specific diversity of aquatic species