Fisheries & Aquaculture



  1. Use of probiotics formulated diets as biological control of infectious diseases of Indian major carps. PI: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sharif Mughal Co-PI: Dr. Noor Khan (Submitted to HEC Rs. 7.2 Million).
  2. Reproduction, Culture and Conservation Strategies of Magur Catfish (Clarias batrachus). PI. Dr. Muhammad Hafeez-ur-Rehman. CO-PI: Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Submitted to HEC-Pakistan. Amounting Rs. 3.921-Millions
  3. Effect of pollution on fish biodiversity, genetic makeup and meat quality in Punjab province.  PI. Dr. Sumaira Abbas. (Rs. 7.465 million submitted to HEC, Dated. 29-11-2011).
  4. Role of Cyprinus carpio in Nutrient Dynamics of Fish Ponds under Polyculture System.  PI. Dr. Sumaira Abbas. (Rs. 2.4 million submitted to HEC).
  5. Modulation of trypsin mRNA transcription by different nutrients in Indian major carps feeds. PI: Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, CO-PI: Dr. Fayyaz Rasool, Submitted to HEC-Pakistan. Amounting Rs. 7.434-Millions
  6. Population genetic of Mystus seenghala and Wallago attu being exposed to anthropogenic stressors in natural water bodies. PI: Dr. Fayyaz Rasool, CO-PI: Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Submitted to HEC-Pakistan. Amounting Rs. 9.574-Millions