Institute of Continuing Education & Extension

Director’s Message  

The role of livestock in the economy of the country has now been well established and both the provincial and federal governments attach high priority to the development of livestock and poultry sectors as being the engine for socio-economic development of the rural people and thereby alleviation of poverty. Over the years, especially from the last two decades, poultry and livestock sectors have undergone a sizeable transformational change from subsistence level towards commercial setting. The poultry with an investment of 400 billion has now become the largest industry of the country and likewise dairy and beef farming are fetching attractive investments. Conversely, with this transformational change in these sectors, the requisite level of manpower could not be made available to work round the clock at such type of advanced enterprises.
UVAS established in 2002, is one of the nation’s leading public sector teaching and research university and is endowed with the mission to provide high quality professional education in veterinary, animal sciences and related areas.
ICE&E is one of the most important institutes exclusively mandated for the training of professionals, sub professionals and non-professionals of all ages. Ironically a big gap continued to exist between the level of the professional (DVM) and sub professional (VA, AIT). This orthodox situation has eventually entailed into low prophylactic, treatment and breeding coverage thereby low productivity. To ameliorate the situation the institute is endeavoring to prepare and produce especially such trained/ skilled manpower at sub professional level to work at any type of commercialized/ mechanized farming at public or private level or even to work independently as self-employed.
The Livestock Associate Degree (LAD) and certificate courses of this institute are exclusively demand driven and span over all aspects of veterinary, animal sciences and related areas.  The Institute has the entire requisite infrastructure, a conducive environment and the qualified and experienced faculty. I strongly recommend all those who are not technically trained to join this institute and become skillful and capable of earning for themselves and their families.

Dr. Hassan Mahmood Warriach