Quality Operations Laboratory

Post Graduate Students

Currently, four Ph.D. students and three master students from UVAS, one Ph. D from NIBGE, Faisalabad and two Ph. D students from UAF, Faisalabad are executing their research in microbiology, toxicology, molecular-biology and epidemiology labs of the QOL building.

Following M. Phil students completed their research in the building


 M.Phil Students

  • Saddique-U-Rehman, Study on in vitro culture characteristics of adherent Baby Hamster Kidney-21 cell line

  • Nadeem Murtaza, Antibody response of buffaloes to inactivated Foot and Mouth Disease (APHTHO virus) vaccine

  • Muhammad Mujahid Amjid, Development of Indirect Sandwich ELISA for characterization of FMD ?O? virus 

  • Yasmeen Sadique, Standardization of Indirect ELISA for monitoring antibodies against FMD serotype ?O? virus

  • Muhammad Babar (M. Phil), Development of Rabbit Anti-Buffalo-IgG Antibody-Turnip Peroxidase Conjugate and its evaluation

  Ph.D. Students
  • Munir Ahmed Tariq, Immune Response of Bovine to Foot and Mouth Disease Virus Vaccines

  • Rashid Munir Ahmed Khawaza. Isolation, adaptation and molecular based typing of FMD virus

  • Farhat Nazir Awan.  Epidemiological observations of Foot and Mouth Disease in dairy animals

  • Atia Bukhari RT-PCR based typing of local isolates of Foot and Mouth Disease Virus

  • Ali Ahmed Sheikh, Isolation and molecular characterization of Shiga toxin producing E.coli