Department of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)


The Department of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) at UVAS is at the forefront of veterinary education and is a center of excellence for teaching, research and service. This is a multidimensional department where educational and scientific activities are fully integrated with those of the entire University. We strive to improve the health and well-being of animals and people, and to strengthen Pakistan's economy, by providing high-quality education, conducting leading-edge research, and providing innovative veterinary services.

We train and educate students in veterinary medicine to become leading clinicians, academicians and researchers. The training and education of veterinary students is provided in an integrated way in the basic science departments of the university and the three clinical years are spent in the department. The Department manages Outdoor Hospital, a 24/7 UVAS extension service, veterinary medicine teaching hospital, the Ravi campus, equine diagnostic laboratory, and a nearby Sattarwala veterinary outreach center.

We maintain and develop top performance in applied veterinary medicine research. We also offer postgraduate degree programs, namely, Master of Philosophy in Clinical Medicine and doctorate in Clinical Medicine. The department has 60 to 70 postgraduate students.

Our goal is to produce practitioners, academicians and researchers with unprecedented training in veterinary science.


The mission of the Department of Veterinary Medicine is to protect and advance the health and well-being of animals, humans, the environment and the veterinary profession through excellence in education, research, and committed services, outreach and civic engagement programs to the nationwide and globally.


  • Multidisciplinary Collaboration in Research, Teaching, and  extension Service
  • Innovation of  veterinary therapy
  • New Knowledge From Research and its Application to Clinical Problems
  • Educational Commitment
  • Service and Patient Care Excellence
  • Outreach to Farmers Community and Beyond
  • Translation of Knowledge to Community and community development.



We take responsibility for our actions and attitudes that influence the quality of the service we provide.


We show kindness, sensitivity and professionalism in our actions. We accept and respect the feelings of our clients and their animals.


We support and promote new ideas, even if these ideas dispel tradition. Innovation impacts our people and allows us to offer new treatments, new procedures and a new sense of hope. It is our promise of healing, our zeal for education and our focus on excellence.


We pave the way for discoveries that improve the health and welfare of animals and the people, which we serve through the latest technology and first-class educational experiences and services.


We act on purpose to attract and retain talented students, faculty and staff who reflect the diversity of the population we serve. Our environment supports and promotes all people as respected individuals.


We believe and promote honest, reliable, , respectful and ethical behavior.


We work in unity to strengthen our knowledge, skills and resources, and advance our mission.



Faculty members of the Department of Veterinary Medicine are responsible for a significant portion of the clinical training program for third-, fourth- and fifth-year DVM students, as well as Veterinary internship and professionals’ training programs. Moreover, faculty department is extensively engaged in training and education of postgraduate students in advanced clinical skill.  Faculty members in addition to veterinary medicine also participate in allied programs.


Faculty and staff are actively involved in clinical and basic research, as well as specialized research projects such as development of mastitis vaccines, Molecular diagnosis of hemoprotozoan diseases, tick borne diseases, and control of diarrhea. Research programs are supported by the funding agencies like HEC, PARB, PCST, etc. For cutting-edge research, department has state-of-the-art research laboratories viz. Postgraduate Research Laboratory, Animal Health Research Laboratory, Molecular Medicine Laboratory and Laboratory Animal Facility.


Department of Veterinary Medicine provide clinical services in the Outdoor Hospital-City Campus, Medicine Teaching Hospital-the Ravi Campus, Veterinary Outreach Center-Sattarwala and Equine Diagnostic Laboratory-the Lahore Race Club.  We offer animal health consultations and outreach veterinary services to the farming community and animal lovers through 24/7 Extension Service. Department also offers professional and continuing education programs for practicing veterinarians, Paravets and farmers in the community. 

Species we deal: Bovine, Bubaline, Equine, CamelidsSheep, Goats





  1. Prof Dr. Aneela Zameer Durrani
  2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Hassan Saleem
  3. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ijaz (Tenured)
  4. Prof. Dr.Muhammad Avais

Associate Professor


  1. Muhammad Zahid Iqbal
  2. Dr. Arslan Ahmed



  • Clinico-epidemiological studies and therapeutic trials on infectious diseases of animals.
  • Studies on the metabolic disorders chemical and plant poisoning.
  • Development of indigenous treatment protocols.


  • Epidemiology of Theileriosis in bovine (PI: Prof. Dr. Aneela Zameer Durrani): Status: Completed
  • Epidemiology of diarrheal diseases in cattle and buffalo calves  (PI: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Sarwar Khan): Status: Completed
  • Sero-surveillance, Molecular Characterization and Development of Molecular Diagnostic Technique along with phylogenetic analysis of local isolates of bovine and human Leptospirosis (PI: Dr. Muhammad Ijaz) Status: Completed
  • Pak-US Civic Engagement Program (PI: Prof. Dr. Aneela Zameer Durrani): Status: In-Progress
  • Mechanistic Study of MRSA from Bovine and occupational worker, and its application in field condition (PI: Dr. Muhammad Ijaz) Status: In-Progress
  • Prevalence and molecular characterization of canine corona and rota virus (PI: Dr. Syed Saleem Ahmad): Status: In-Progress
  • Development of inactivated polyvalent vaccines for the control of mastitis in dairy cattle (PI: Dr. Muhammad Avais): Status: In-Progress


  • Studies on cyanide toxicity in ruminants. (Student’s Name: Dr. Muhammad Avais): Status: Completed
  • Sero-epidemiology, transmission dynamics and hematological studies on Neospora caninum in dairy buffaloes. (Student’s Name: Dr. Amar  Nasir): Status: Completed
  • Epidemiology of Mycoplasma in goats in Pakistan. (Student’s Name: Dr.  Waseem Shahzad): Status: Completed
  • Epidemiology, diagnosis and Chemotherapy of strangles in Equines. (Student’s Name: Dr. Muhammad Ijaz): Status: Completed
  • Epidemiological, hematological and serological study of Leptospirosis in dogs and humans in and around Lahore. (Student’s Name: Dr. M. Hassan Saleem): Status: Completed
  • Clinico-epidemiology and health management of pinkeye diseases in dairy cattle (Student’s Name: Dr. Hadia Mubeen) Status: In-Progress



    • General and Systemic Veterinary Medicine
    • Veterinary Preventive Medicine-I
    • Veterinary Preventive Medicine-II
    • Medicine Clinic-I
    • Medicine Clinic-II
    • Medicine Clinic-III
    • Medicine Clinic-IV


MPhil courses

Course No.


Creditor Hrs.

MED 01001

Clinical Laboratory Aids in Diagnosis


MED 01002

Zoo and Wild Animal Medicine


MED 01003

Diseases of Fish


MED 01004

Veterinary Neonatology


MED 01005

Diseases of Mammary Glands of Dairy Animals


MED 01006

Advanced Readings in Veterinary Medicine


MED 01007

Medicine PG clinic I


MED 01008

Medicine PG clinic II


PhD courses

Course No.


Creditor Hrs.

MED 01031

Biotechnology in Animal Health


MED 01032

Laboratory Animal Medicine


MED 01033

Veterinary Medicine and Human Health


MED 01034

Advanced Dairy Herd Health


MED 01035

Advanced Strategies in Equine Health Management


MED 01036

Camel Health and Disease


MED 01037

Medicine PG clinic I


MED 01038

Medicine PG clinic II




Outdoor Hospital is part of the Department of Veterinary Medicine, located on the City Campus Lahore. Outdoor Hospital is a hub of veterinary students’ education and training, and offering a complete veterinary service for all your livestock needs.
Outdoor Hospital at City campus is the nation’s only veterinary hospital that works round the clock and provides emergency services in 24/7 in 365 days.
Outdoor Hospital is committed to providing the highest level of veterinary care to our clients, delivering a professional and caring service to you and to educating the veterinary professionals of the future.


Medicine Teaching Hospital (MTH) is another integral part of the department located on the Block-A, the Ravi Campus, Pattoki. MTH provides advanced veterinary practice skills to veterinary students of fourth- and fifth- year. A large number of sick animals, mostly complicated cases, from the neighboring and far-furlong villages are presented to MTH and our dedicated team of experts deals them with great care.
MTH is equipped with state-of-the-art animal routine health service facilities and intensive care unit for emergencies. At MTH we provide our client complimentary/free of cost prescribed medicine facility.


Veterinary Outreach Center (VOC) was established in 2006 as part of Department of Veterinary Medicine and is located in the outskirts of Lahore in Sattarwala Village near Faizpur Motorway Interchange. VOC is purpose built veterinary center for the training of our veterinary students. Since the establishment of Medicine Teaching Hospital at Ravi Campus, VOC is functioning as core training center for livestock farmers and Outreach Veterinary activities of Veterinary students. Veterinary students organize regular camping activities of deworming, vaccination and awareness for livestock farmers.


UVAS 24/7 Extension Service is unique and provides animal health consultations to the farming community.  This is an integral part of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and provides integrated veterinary and animal health services with other applied departments of the university viz. livestock management, animal nutrition, Pathology, etc. UVAS 24/7 Extension service is fully equipped with all animal health facilities and offering innovative treatments for livestock all over the country. Through this service we also offer needs based farmers’ training facility. 

We aim to promote a whole farm approach to animal health, production and welfare, emphasizing preventative medicine as the key to profitable, healthy livestock however we are also aware of the importance of the individual animal and are more than happy to treat a single pet goat or horse as we are dealing with a herd of dairy cows.

Services offered by 24/7 Extension Service

  • Emergency care provision
  • Routine herd health visits
  • Mastitis, Milk Quality and Cell Count advice and investigations
  • Lameness Prevention and Investigation
  • Provision of Herd Health Plans for dairy farms
  • Advice on Preventative Medicine and Disease Control Programs
  • Routine Herd Fertility visits using ultrasound scanners
  • Metabolic Profiling to assist in the nutritional management of the herd
  • Young stock and heifer rearing programs
  • Advice on strategic use of vaccines and wormers
  • Advice on management of small scale farming operations
  • Continuing education programs for owners and farmers


  • Equine Diagnostic Laboratory (EDL) was established in 2012, and is located in the vicinity of The Lahore Race club. EDL is offering basic and advanced diagnostic facilities to equine owners at Lahore Race Club. EDL is fully equipped latest diagnostic facilities in equine practice.  


  • Series of laboratory animal handling workshops 
  • Awareness training of Para Veterinary staff of L&DD Department
  • Making cow pregnant project outreach veterinary hospital and training center
  • Vaccination camp at outreach Veterinary hospital and training Centre, Sattarwala
  • Civic engagement program
  • Organizing Farmer day  at Pattoki on yearly basis
  • Organizing Eid camps for Sacrificial Animals
  • Series of lectures for recreational horse owners
  • 24/7 extension service at City and Ravi Campus
  • Trainings of stake holders
  • Series of Bovine Udder Health Symposium


Department of Veterinary Medicine
Faculty of Veterinary Science
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences
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