Department of Veterinary Surgery FVS

Values of The Department


Our staff is very responsible for their actions, attitudes and procedures that influence the quality of the service we provide.


Our staff exhibits kindness, sensitivity and professionalism towards our patients and clients. We accept and respect the feelings of our clients and their animals.


Novel ideas and treatment regimens are supported to develop the pool of scientific knowledge. This results in the welfare of both the animal and human population which sparks a new ray of hope for the masses.


Based on the vast experience of the staff, we strive to improve the well-being and welfare of animals and the people.


We act professionally and give priority to the clinical cases on the basis of severity and exhibit gender equality. Our departmental environment supports and promotes good behavior and respect to all genders of humans and all species of animals under our care.


The department believes in and exhibits honest, trustworthy, humble and moral behavior. The same is desired from the clients.


The department works in unity and harmony to strengthen our knowledge, skills and resources, and advance our mission.