Department of Veterinary Surgery FVS

Veterinary Services Faciities


Surgery Clinic/Indoor Hospital is an integral part of the Department of Veterinary Surgery, located at the City Campus Lahore. Indoor Hospital acts as a hub for veterinary students’ education and training, and offers a complete range of veterinary surgical services for all livestock and equine needs.
Indoor Hospital at City campus provides admission facilities on the campus. The hospital is committed to providing the highest level of veterinary surgical care to our client’s animals, by delivering a professional and caring service and to educating the veterinary professionals of the future.


Surgery Section also has an historic and purpose built Farriery and Forge section which is concerned with the management and treatment of foot and hoof problems of various animals. It also provides curative shoeing for various ailments. This is both helpful for students, veterinarians and community who are engaged with draft and working animals


Surgery Teaching Hospital (STH) is another integral part of the department located on the A-Block, Ravi Campus, Pattoki. STH provides advanced veterinary practice and surgical skills to veterinary students of 4th and 5th year DVM students. A large number of sick animals, mostly complicated cases, from the neighboring and far-flung villages are presented to STH and our dedicated team of experts deals them with great care.
STH is equipped with well- equipped operation theaters for small animals and large animals and provides routine animal health services and facilities the farmers and animal owners in time of need.


Equine Diagnostic Laboratory (EDL) was established in 2012, and is located in the vicinity of The Lahore Race club. EDL is offering basic and advanced diagnostic facilities to equine owners at Lahore Race Club. EDL is fully equipped latest diagnostic facilities in equine practice. It was previously managed by Department of Veterinary Medicine.  


X-Ray Unit (currently managed by Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences) is equipped with Digital Machine and provides radiographic diagnostic facility to the clients. Surgery Teaching Hospital has Conventional X-Ray machine, which is used as per need.


UVAS 24/7 Extension Service is unique and provides animal health consultations to the farming community.  This is an integral part of the Department of Veterinary Medicine and Dept. of Vet. Surgery provides integrated veterinary and animal health services with other applied departments of the university viz. Surgery, livestock management, animal nutrition, Pathology, etc. UVAS 24/7 Extension service is fully equipped with all animal health facilities and offering innovative treatments for livestock all over the country. Through this service we also offer needs based farmers’ training facility.