Department of Veterinary Surgery FVS

Our Domains of Work


Faculty members of the Department of Veterinary Surgery are responsible for a significant portion of the clinical training program (DVM) for 3rd, 4th, 5th year DVM students, as well as Veterinary internship and professionals’ training programs. Moreover, the faculty is engaged in training and education of postgraduate students in advanced clinical and surgical skills. 


Faculty and staff are actively involved in clinical and basic research, as well as specialized research projects such as development of novel techniques and methods of treatment.  The faculty submits research projects to acquire grants and funding from various donor and funding agencies like HEC, PARB, PSF, etc. For research and academics, department has Postgraduate Research Operation Theater, Operation Theaters for Undergraduate classes, Large Animal Admission Facility, Shoeing and Forge Section, Arena for Field Surgery, Research kennels for Dogs and Colony Cages for avian and laboratory animals.


The department provides clinical services by the trained staff in the Surgery Clinic/Indoor Hospital, Lahore, Surgery Teaching Hospital, Ravi Campus, Pattoki and Equine Diagnostic Laboratory, Lahore Race Club, Kotlakhpat. The department offers animal health consultations and off-campus veterinary services to the clients and farming community and animal lovers through 24/7 Extension Service of the Department of Veterinary Medicine. The department also offers professional and continuing education programs for practicing veterinarians, paravets and farmers in the community.