Department of Poultry Production


Extension Services

Besides teaching and research work, the Department is also providing extension services in the form of technical advices to layer, broiler and breeder farmers, hatcheries, Poultry Processing plants and allied groups. A close liaison has been established between the department and different national and international groups of poultry industry which helps in identifying the real issues and problems of Poultry industry. The research findings based on problem-oriented research is communicated to the stake holders through meetings and group discussions. The faculty and students of Department regularly publish their extension articles in different magazines and newspapers to disperse the latest research findings to all stakeholders of the industry and consumers.

Poultry Advisory Services

In 2021, Department of Poultry Production in collaboration with IT Department UVAS has launched an online education portal named “Poultry Advisory Services” with the aim of consumer education regarding poultry myths and helping different types of poultry farmers with problem on farms.

UVAS-PPA School Meal Program

Department of Poultry Production in collaboration with Pakistan Poultry Association has started a joint venture to provide daily meal to school goring children. The school going children in Pakistan are malnourished and protein deficient. So, the basic objective of the project is to fulfill protein deficiency in school going children and provide them with health diet daily. In this regard, chicken eggs and drumsticks are being provided on alternate day basis to students of Government Girls Community Model School, Mundaiki, Pattoki. The project got astonishing appraisal and the number of admitted students in schools dramatically increased form merely 120 to 210 within one month of initiation of the project. Dr. Faisal Hussnain (Lecturer, Poultry Production) is dealing with the project presently. The UVAS-PPA collaboration is not only limited for provision of meal; rather a team from Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition is monitoring the growth of children as a result of this project. Moreover, the students are also trained for adopting healthy habits like washing hands & plates before and after meal, queue formation and use of dustbins.