Department of Poultry Production




Project Title: Effect of different storage periods, temperature and age group of breeder eggs on the quality of broiler chickens
Year: (2001-2002)
Funding Agency:  University Grants Commission
Total Approved amount:   ~ 0.1 million

Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Development of meat type Japanese Quail with higher body weight (Coturnix Coturnix Japonica) acclimatized to indigenous managemental conditions through 6 generations of selective breeding program
Year: 2014
Funding Agency:  PARB
Total Approved amount:   14.440 million

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akram
Dr. Jibran Hussain (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Development of Ostrich Farming in Punjab
Year: 2017
Funding Agency:  Livestock & Dairy Development, Government of Punjab
Total Approved amount:   ~ 70 million

Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud (Project Director)


Project Title: Genetic improvement of selected indigenous Naked Neck by crossing with exotic poultry breeds of Rhode Island Red and Black Australorp
Year: 2018
Funding Agency:  ALP, PARC
Total Approved amount: 4.8 million

Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Enhancing growth and productive performance in native Aseel chickens employing integrated selective breeding and identification of growth markers for poverty alleviation in rural areas
Year: 2019
Total Approved Amount: 26.210 million
Funding Agency: PARB

Dr. Jibran Hussain (Team member)


Project Title: Utilization of poultry farm litter and dead birds compost as livestock feed ingredient and agriculture fertilizer
Year: 2019
Funding Agency:  PARB
Total Approved amount: 22.8 million

Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Nutritional assessment of school going children through providing poultry products as school meal program
Year: 2020
Funding Agency:  Pakistan Poultry Association
Total Approved amount:  ~ 3.5 million

Dr. Faisal Hussnain (Project Manager)


Project Title: Utilization of poultry waste as an entrepreneurship
Year: 2021
Funding Agency:  HEC project Establishment of Technology Development Fund (TDF)
Total Approved amount: 6.010 million

Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Assessing the economic viability of artificial insemination in poultry production through different interventions at commercial scale
Year: 2021
Funding Agency:  PPA
Total Approved amount:  3.9 million

Dr. Shahid Mehmood (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Development and Establishment of Model Poultry-Cum-Fish Farming with Nutrient Recycling: An Integrated Approach
Year: 2022
Funding Agency:  PARB
Total Approved amount: 16.695 million

Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud, Dr. Shahid Mehmood, Dr. Jibran Hussain (Collaborating Scientist)


Project Title: Effect of Glabra (Herbal product) on respiratory health, growth performance, immune response and economic appraisal in Broilers. 0.2 Millions, Funded by NB Sons
Year: 2022
Funding Agency: NB Sons
Total Approved amount: 0.2 million 

Dr. Jibran Hussain (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Development of meat type lines of Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix Japonica) via pedigree selection to gain enhanced growth and reproductive performance
Year: 2022
Funding Agency:  HEC-NPRU
Total Approved amount: 4.567 million

Dr. Jibran Hussain (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Evaluating the bio-efficacy of Hydroxy Methionine compared to DL-Methionine and their effects on gut integrity of broiler chickens at high TSAA levels
Year: 2023
Funding Agency: Adisseo France
Total Approved amount: 8374/- US$

Dr. Jibran Hussain (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Utilization of vegetable waste to produce antioxidants enriched poultry meat and eggs
Year: 2023
Total Approved amount: 1.179 million
Funding Agency: EFS-UAF

Dr. Jibran Hussain (Principal Investigator)


Project Title: Development and commercialization of antibiotic alternatives: phages and nutraceuticals for Pakistan poultry production
Year: 2023
Funding Agency:  International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada
Total Approved amount:  ~ 330 million

Prof. Dr. Athar Mahmud (Co-Principal Investigator)