Department of Poultry Production

Research and Training Facilities at Ravi Campus Pattoki

1. Commercial Broiler Breeder Farm

The breeder unit at A-Block consists of an academic block and environmentally controlled breeder house (300 × 40 ft) with a capacity of 7000 broiler breeder females. The breeder farm is presently operated by Sabir’s Poultry (Pvt.) Ltd.

2. Commercial Broiler Hatchery

The hatchery unit is equipped with state of the art single-stage incubators (Petersime) imported from Belgium having a capacity of 40,000 eggs. The hatchery Unit is presently operated by Sabir’s Poultry (Pvt.) Ltd.


3. Commercial Broiler Farm

The broiler unit at B-Block, Ravi Campus, Pattoki consists of state of the art, environmentally controlled experimental broiler house having a capacity of 20000 broilers and an academic block. The broiler farm is presently operated by Sabir’s Poultry (Pvt.) Ltd.

4. Model Broiler Research Farm

The Department also have a state-of-the-art Model Broiler Research farm having capacity of 100 replicates for conducting M.Phil. and Ph.D. research. The UG students also perform duties and trains there. The shed is operating on Solar energy completely.

5. Compost Unit

The Department has recently developed a Model compost unit under a PARB funded project for safe disposal of dead birds to protect environment. The compost unit is 1st of its kind in Pakistan and hub of training related to poultry waste management.

6. Indigenous Chicken Genetic Resource Centre

7. Aviary Houses

8. Model Ostrich Farm

9. Avian Research and Training Centre