Departmental Impact

Training/programs to improve access to basic services



Department of Poultry Production has conducted a seminar on “Women Empowerment through backyard poultry farming” at Prof. Dr. Muhammad Akram Educational Complex, UVAS, Ravi Campus, Pattoki on March 14, 2019. In this seminar, the women from different villages around Pattoki gathered in University and were briefed about basics of poultry farming. The faculty members of the Department also taught them modern poultry farming and marketing skills.

The Department of Poultry Production, UVAS, Lahore distributed the improved local backyard type birds (UVAS-Barn Chicken) to the women of nearby villages at Pattoki. A scientific team working in the Department of Poultry Production developed an improved indigenous chicken cross-breed by crossing naked neck-chicken, black Australorp and Rhode Island Red.