Ravi Campus

Student Code of Conduct

All students are required to strictly follow the rules and regulations as laid down by the hostel administration from time to time. This is not only in the best interest of hall warden office but observing rules also provide safety, security and well being to students themselves. All students are therefore expected to observe following instructions for a better environment and management of hostel facilities for students:

  1. All students should keep their rooms clean and avoid overcrowding for safety reasons
  2. Please do not allow outsiders to permanently reside in your hostels except for guests for a short stay
  3. Please speak nicely to sweepers, hall managers and your resident tutors. The way you treat others reflects your manners and you can only expect respect if you respect others
  4. Please avoid playing your music machines loudly in the hostels
  5. Keep your room locked in your absence otherwise in case of theft or accident first report to your resident tutor
  6. Do not join or support any illegal activities in the hostels such as drugs, misuse of electricity etc.
  7. Try not to leave rubbish in your hostel lobbies for sweepers to pick up. This reflect very ill manners on the part of students
  8. Only those students who have deposited their hostel dues would be allowed to stay in the hostels.
  9. Do not try to play with electricity fixtures and always call electrician for repairs
  10. Any disproportionate activity in the hostel is liable to penalty depending upon the nature of offence.