Ravi Campus


IT Center (Ravi Campus)

In the current era no one can deny the importance of Information Technology and its remarkable facilities. Same is t rue with the field of Veterinary sciences. Keep in view of the extreme importance of IT the University had established IT Center at Ravi Campus. Since many years, with collaboration of HEC, UVAS has spent huge amount to develop and expand the IT infrastructure for serving students as well as the Faculty of University. IT Center has mandated to establish Computer network in Ravi Campus to provide LAN/WAN facilities and computerization of University's manual Examination, Admission, Payroll and Human resource management systems, University's Web Site and the like.
At the moment, the Ravi Campus has Internet facility for its students, staff and faculty members for research and development in the field of veterinary & Animal sciences. Departments of University have been linked with Fiber Optic backbone and radio links.
Video conferencing is now possible by virtue of the IT facilities. Scholars from different parts of the world can deliver their lectures, discuss their research results and latest techniques with the students and faculty of the university which gives excellent learning environment. The 4 Computer labs (2 at IT Center A Block of 50 computers each, 1 at C block of 40 computers and 1 at D Block of 30 computers) are fully operational. These labs are equipped with latest branded computers to meet the needs of students and are providing Internet, Printing, CD Writing & Scanning facilities.
IT Center manages the overall IT infrastructure of the Campus. This includes network designing, configuration, deployment, expansion & maintenance of IT facilities in all departments, training of man power about emerging Internet and communication technology.





Director IT

  • Muhammad Rizwan Saleem

Network Engineer

  • Muhammad Athar Shafique

IT Administrator

  • Muhammad Naveed
  • Muhammad Kamran Mughal

IT Lab Assistant

  • Waseem Ahmad Malik
  • Muhammad Shahid Sani
  • Shahid Ali Bhatti
  • Muhammad Bilal

Computer Operator

  • Umer Javed

IT Lab Attendants

  • Muhammad Rashid Sadiq
  • Shehbaz Ahmad
  • Muhammad Habib
  • Muhammad Riaz
  • Sohail Anwar
  • Sajid Ali