Departmental Impact

Access to local farmers and food producers on food security and sustainable agriculture/aquaculture knowledge, skills/ technology

Veterinary Teaching Hospital/ Clinics, Department of Clinical Sciences, CVAS Jhang ( )
Our mission is to protect and promote animal and human health through early detection and monitoring of animal diseases. The Veterinary Teaching Hospital of the College of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Jhang is a regional leader in providing rapid diagnosis and therapeutics of animal diseases, identifying emerging diseases and training diagnosticians and veterinarians. It serves the interests of the livestock and poultry industry, animal research scientists and educators, and companion animal owners. The faculty also works on developing new diagnostic and reproductive approaches. The department also renders technical services to the livestock farmers and pet owners regrading disease prevention by adopting vaccination protocols. Thus, it is playing an important role in disease prevention. Need based facilities are also extended to the farmers for indoor admission of their animals demanding regular veterinary services such as in the cases of major surgeries, downers cases etc. Recently, Theriogenology section of the Department has accomplished the first successful pregnancy in local mares through artificial insemination (AI) using both fresh and chilled semen. Dr. Sanan RAZA has developed and standardized the technique of semen collection, processing, and transfer in local conditions of Bhakkar city at Thal horse riding academy.  It is pertinent to mention that this work is the first of its kind using fresh and chilled semen (up to 48-hours) and pregnancies were achieved in the local horse breed of Pakistan in field conditions. Like bovines, artificial breeding is also a need of time and certainly will pave the way to preserve the semen of valuable horses and the adoption of this technique in Pakistan. This need-oriented approach allows the deposition of the correct number of sperms artificially and removes the guesswork. After a hopeful pregnancy rate via fresh and chilled semen, Dr. RAZA is working on the formulation of a suitable semen extender for the freezing purpose of equine semen. Few glimpses of the work are shown below.

  • Presented at World Veterinary Poultry Association Congress WVPAC-2019 organized by World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA) at Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centre, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. Partially sponsored through a travel grant by WVPA from 16-20 Sep, 2019.
  • Presented an iPoster at ASM World Microbe Forum on June 20-24, 2021. Sponsored by Health Security Partners (HSP), Washington DC, USA.