Department of Animal Sciences

Chairman Message

Pakistan is an agricultural country and majority of its population is dependent on raising different species of livestock and poultry. Our country is rich in animal genetic potential and with a diversified livestock population. Native genetic diversity ensures that different species and breeds are able to adapt to extreme conditions of drought, humidity, cold, and heat, making it possible for human beings to earn their livelihoods in inhospitable and harsh areas. Livestock and poultry sector is playing a basic role in provision of high biological value animal origin commodities to consumers i.e. meat, milk, eggs etc.

The Department of Animal Science offers education and research for the safe, nutritious and economical production of animal origin food without compromising the environment or jeopardizing the health and well-being of farm animals and farm communities. The department provides educational leadership through high-quality teaching, research and extension/outreach programs to enhance human resource and ensures local producers and communities to get benefit from these.

We have a strong tradition of training our students in Animal Science and related fields, and welcome prospective students who are interested in our undergraduate/postgraduate programs and want to contribute to our mission. Graduates of our department have advanced to rewarding careers in public and private sectors i.e. universities, government agencies, livestock and poultry industry.

Department is aimed to enhance the productivity and well-being of animals by providing door step extension services to livestock and poultry farmers to support a growing population through education, science, and innovative technology. Furthermore, we interpret research and provide education for producers and consumers of animal products to improve their economic well-being and quality of life.