Departmental Impact

Collaboration with NGOs to tackle the SDGs (student volunteering programs, research programs, development of educational resources)

Brooke International Pakistan has been on board with the Department for the previous five years with the Institute and especially Department of Clinical Sciences.           
One day hands-on-training on "Inhalation Anaesthesia" was conducted at the Department of Clinical Sciences (Surgery and Radiology section), CVAS, Jhang on 17th Fe, 2020. The main objective of the workshop was to develop an understanding about the basic knowledge and skills of Inhalation Anaesthesia. Students and practitioners participated in the workshop and learnt the different aspects of inhalation anaesthetics by lectures, group discussion and hands on training. Dr. Anum Naseer (FCPS Surgery), Resuscitation Officer Bahria International hospital Lahore was the resource person. 
Executive director ABM (association of bio risk management), Pakistan Dr. Asghar Ali visited Epidemiology and Public Health (EPH) lab, CVAS, Jhang. He observed that lab is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities of biosafety and biosecurity, meets the requirement of four primary control of biosafety and accredited BSL-ll from ORIC UVAS. He aimed to select this lab for future lab biosafety training programs supported by HSMP in Punjab. EPH section of CVAS recently had also conducted a successful "National lab biosafety and biosecurity workshop" connected with HEC Video link.
One day hands on training workshop title "Ultrasonographic interpretation of visceral organs in small animals" was concluded at Section of Surgery and Radiology, Dept. Clinical Sciences, CVAS, Jhang. Dr. Shehla Gul Bokhari, Assistant Professor, UVAS was resource person. Under graduate students and faculty particularly from anatomy section learn pragmatic skills in ultrasonography.
A hands-on training workshop title "Use of personal protective equipment during infectious samples collection and serodiagnosis of brucellosis" for Engro Foods field veterinarians’ batch 1 Punjab was organized at Epidemiology and Public Health lab at CVAS. Smart board technology was used to inculcate the participants with 3D pics and real time videos retrieved and displayed on android smart board. The aim of this training was in-house human resource development of extension workers and field veterinarians and how to protect yourself while samples collection, shipment and preservation of zoonotic and highly infectious diseases.