Alumni Association


  • The Association shall be called as Alumni Association, University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore.



  • The office of the Association shall be located at the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore.



  • To promote understanding and contact among the alumni network of UVAS
  • To disseminate day to day achievements of UVAS among the alumni network
  • To work for the betterment and uplift of the university



Membership of the association shall be open to:

  • Membership of the association shall be open to:
  • All the graduates and postgraduates of University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences Lahore (Including Sub Campuses)
  • All the faculty members of University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Lahore (Including Sub Campuses)
  • All the PVMC registered members shall be eligible to become associate members
  • All members shall be life members
  • Honorary membership for the friends of UVAS, who have contributed in the uplift of this university


  • The amount of subscription for a member shall be fixed by the Executive Committee (to start with it shall be Rs.1000/= for alumni in Pakistan and $ 100 for alumni working abroad).


Sources of Income

  • Membership fee.
  • Donations by alumni.
  • Funds provided by the University.
  • Donations from individuals and organizations.

Utilization of funds

  • The funds shall be utilized for carrying out the objectives of the Association.


The Executive Committee

    The Executive Committee shall consist of the following:
  • President who shall be the Vice Chancellor of UVAS, Lahore.
  • One Senior Vice President (Elected).
  • One Vice President (Elected).
  • General Secretary (who shall be nominated by the Vice Chancellor from amongst the alumni of teaching staff of the University).
  • Information Secretary (Elected).
  • Treasurer of the Association shall be elected from amongst the teacher members of UVAS.
  • Six Executive members to be elected by the members of the Association (one member from each province and one each from AJK and Northern Areas).

Selection/Election of Executive Committee

  • The Executive Committee shall be elected for two years time on the occasion of annual general meeting which shall be ordinarily held in December at the University Campus.


Quorum of General body and Executive Committee

  • One half members shall form quorum for holding a meeting of the Executive Committee.
  • The quorum for a general body meeting shall be 50 % of the registered members.

Duties and powers of the office Bearers


     (a) President:

  • To preside over the annual gatherings and all other such meetings of the Association.
  • To sanction all expenditure required for running the affairs of the Association.
  • To call the meetings of the Executive Committee and chalk out programs to be organized under the auspices of the Association.
  • To issue necessary instructions to the office bearers for carrying out day to day work of the Association.
  • To delegate his powers to any member(s) for performing functions of the Association.

    (b) Vice President:

  • Senior Vice President shall use the powers of the President in his absence & in the absence of Senior VP, the Vice President shall preside over the meetings.


    (c) General Secretary:

  • To record the minutes of all meetings of the Association and to get approval of the minutes from the President.
  • To arrange all such functions of the Association which the president or executive committee may ask him to do.
  • To maintain all records relevant to the Association.
  • To call meetings of Executive Committee of the Association and the annual general meeting with the prior approval of the President.
  • Maintain a register of registered members and get it published every year by the Secretariat of the Association.

    (d) Treasurer:

  • To maintain record of income and expenditure of the Association.
  • To prepare annual budget of the Association and present the same to the house (Executive Committee).


  • The Treasurer and the General Secretary shall jointly operate the accounts.


Amendment(s) in Constitution

  • No amendment can be made in the constitution of the association except in a General Body meeting where at least three fourth of the members present must vote for the amendment proposed before it can be adopted.