PhD Completed

Sr. No.

Thesis Year

Student Name/

Topic of Thesis



Saeed Murtaza 2014-PhD-1022

Effect of exogenous administration of oxytocin on reproductive and productive performance of lactating Nili-Ravi Buffaloes



Mubbasher Hassan

Studies on Blood Flow Indices Using Doppler Ultrasonography During Estrous Cycle in Sahiwal Cows



Abid Hussain Shehzad

Postpartum reproductive management by using different synchronization  protocols in dairy cattle



Sajid Iqbal

Effect of Trehalose and L-Cysteine on post-thaw semen quality, antioxidant enzyme activity and fertility in Nili-Ravi buffalo bulls



Muhammad Rizwan Yousuf

Presynchronization and estrus synchronization protocol to enhance herd fertility in dairy animals



Fazal Wadood

Development of a suitable semen extender for the cryopreservation of Nili-Ravi buffalo bull (Bubalus bubalis) semen



Hassan Mahmood Warraich

Ovarian follicular dynamics during oestrous cycle, timing of ovulation, synchronization of oestrus and fertility in Nili-Ravi buffaloes

MPhil Completed

Sr. No. Thesis Year Student Name/ Registration Topic of Thesis
1. 2018 Shabbir Ahmad 2015-VA-449 Relative accuracy of different assay techniques for progesterone
2. 2018 Amin Khan 2015-VA-452 Relative Association of behavioral and physiological markers during Periovulatory period in the bitch
3. 2018 Muhammad Saleem 2011-VA-068 Effect of Metritis on the Developmental Competence of In-Vitro Cultured Oocytes of cattle (Bos-Indicus)
4. 2018 Muhammad Tayyab Khan 2011-VA-110 Effect of Ginseng on Reproductive Performance of aged BALB/c Mice
5. 2018 Muhammad Ammar Yasir 2011-VA-223 Studies on the reproductive and productive efficiency of Nili-Ravi buffaloes maintained at Buffalo Research Institute Pattoki.
6. 2018 Muhammad Saad 2011-VA-115 Effect of Corpus Luteum (CL) on Recovery Rate, Quality and In- Vitro Development of Oocyte in Bos indicus Cow
7. 2018 Zaeem Sarwar 2011-VA-83 Effect of follicular size on oocytes recovery rate, quality and invitro developmental competency in Bos indicus cows
8. 2018 Melad Ahmad 2011-VA-170 Effect of alpha lipioic acid as an anti-oxidant on post thaw semen
9. 2018 Muhammad Ramzan 2010-VA-117 Comparison of different extenders based on post-thaw parameters in Mushqa stallions.
10. 2018 Abdul Rehman 2016-VA-823 Effect of sodium pyruvate on post thaw semen quality of beetal bucks
11. 2018 Adil Ahmed 2016-VA-226 Anti-Oxidative effect of I. Lysine on post thaw semen quality of nili- ravi buffalo bulls
12. 2018 Muhammad Imran 2016-VA-689 Testicular and epididymal Doppler ultrasound to assess sperm quality in dogs
13. 2017 Kamran Khaliq 2014-VA-812 Comparison of the cryoprotective effect of quail and chicken egg yolk on the freezability of Nili-Ravi buffalo bull spermatozoa
14. 2017 Sohail Ahmad 2014-VA-917 Effect of age on lipid peroxidation of fresh and frozen-thawed semen of nili-ravi buffalo bull
15. 2017 Muhammad Kaleem 2009-VA-190 Effect of roval jelly on post thaw semen quality parameters of beetal buck
16. 2017 Muhammad Atif Siddiq 2009-VA-401 Palm Kernel cake feeding: Effect on production and reproduction performance of crossbred lactating dairy cows.
17. 2017 Arslan Qayyum 2015-VA-1076 Effect of season (breeding vs. low breeding) and breeding method (Natural vs. AI) on fertility, embryonic and fetal losses in lactating Nili-Ravi buffalo either inseminated naturally or artificially.
18. 2017 Shahid Ali 2010-VA-05 Determination of comparative effect of two egg yolk based extenders on post thaw semen quality of Sahiwal Bull
19. 2017 Atta ur Rehman Hammad 2015-VA434 Effect of adenosine-5’-triphosphate on post thaw quality of buck semen
20. 2017 Muhammad Bilal Munawar 2015-VA-16 Effect of B-carotene and tocopherol on pregnancy rate in CIDR synchronized Nili-Ravi buffalo
21. 2017 Anam Mushtaq 2009-VA-388 Qualitative and quantitative assessment of fertile period in bitches
22. 2017 Muhammad Ashtaf 2015-VA-1077 Relationship among physical reproductive characters and semen quality parameters at different age group of Sahiwal bulls
23. 2017 Masood Shabbir 2010-VA-120 Effect of antibiotic treatment during ovulation synchronization in
24. 2017 Tariq Sohail 2015-VA-1056 Relationship of estradiol and progesterone with standing estrus, size of preovulatory follicle and interval to ovulation in beetal goats
25. 2016 Bashir Ahmad 2013-VA-447 Effect of molting on reproductive performance of indigenous aseel chicken
26. 2016 Abdul Waheed 2009-VA-133 Effect of Bio-Stimulation on Estrus Expression and Pregnancy Rate In CIDR based Synchronization protocols in Nili-Ravi Buffalo
27. 2016 Usman Arshad 2010-VA-235 Effect of resynchronization with oysynch or CIDR on cumulative Pregnancy and embryonic losses in CIDR-GnRH synchronized Nili-Ravi buffalo
28. 2016 Muhammad Rafi Ullah 2009-VA-54 Effect of Cholesterol loaded cyclodextrin (clc) addition on post thaw quality of jack semen
29. 2016 Muhammad Umair 2009-VA-49 Effect of alpha lipoic acid on post-thaw quality of lack semen
30. 2016 Muhammad Awais Ajmal 2009-VA-370 Effect of Synchronization protocols (PG and Ovsynch) on Estrus Response, Estrus Intensity, Ovulation time and Conception Rate in            Cholistani Cows
31. 2016 Nadir Hussain 2009-VA-128 Effect of EDTA as Chelating Agent On Post Thaw Quality of Buffalo Bull Spermatozoa
32. 2016 Sajjad Haider 2014-VA-767 Effect of insemination timing following 5 vs 7 day CIDR + Co-synch in Nili Ravi heifer
33. 2016 Muhammad Asad Ullah Khan 2014-VA-1112 Comparison of commercial triladyl with a tris-citric-egg-yolk  (TCEY) Extender on post thaw seem quality of Nili-Ravi buffalo
34. 2016 Umair Ashfaq 2009-VA-138 Effect of  day of estrous cycle on superovulatory response and embryo quality by using FSH in BALB/c mice
35. 2016 Khalid Mehmood 2005-VA-114 Comparison of estradiol benzoate and GnRH in CIDR based superovulation protocols for follicular wave  emergence in exotic and crossbreed cattle
36. 2015 Faizan Sultan 2012-VA-816 Enhancing fertility through induction of oyulation in mares
37. 2015 Arslan Mehmood Ahmad 2007-VA-67 Optimization of strontium chloride for parthenogenetic activation of mouse oocytes
38. 2015 Shafique Haider 2008-VA-226 Effect of timing of artificial insemination after controlled internal drug release (CIDR) device removal and CIDR-GnRH based estrus synchronization protocols in Nili Ravi Buffalo
39. 2015 Muhammad Fayyaz 2008-VA-171 Effect of alpha lipoic acid on post thaw quality and in vitro incubation of Nili Ravi buffalo bull
40. 2015 Muhammad Tahir 2008-va-169 Effect of gold nano-particles on parthenogenetic activation of mouse oocytes by strontium chloride
41. 2015 Abdul Saboor Khan 2008-va-116 Effect of estradiol benzoate (EB) and equine chorionic gonadotropin (eCG) on ovarian response and conception rate in control internal drug release (CIDR)based estrus synchronization protocol in Nili-Ravi buffalo
42. 2015 Muhammad Shafiq Haider 2008-va-226 Effect of timing of artificial insemination after controlled internal drug release (CIDR) device removal and or CIDR + GnRH based estrus synchronization protocol in Nili-Ravi buffalo
43. 2015 Muhammad Bilal 2008-va-152 Comparative effect of CIDR based estrus synchronization protocol with or without GnRH in non-descript cows during low breeding season
44. 2015 Muhammad Khurram Shahzad 2008-va-316 Comparative effect of alpha lipoic acid and butylated hydroxytoulene (BHT) on post thaw Quail of buck semen
45. 2015 Muhammad Waqas 2008-va-289 Comparison of the effect of Ovsynch and G6G synchronization protocols on ovulation and pregnancy rate in Nili-Ravi buffaloes
46. 2015 Muhammad Hammad Fayyaz 2008-va-171 Effect of alpha lipoic acid on post thaw quality and in vitro incubation of Nili-Ravi buffalo bull semen
47. 2015 Muhammad Irfan 2013-va-599 Effect of taurine supplementation on post-thaw quality of Sahiwal bull semen
48. 2015 Muhammad Husnain 2008-va-281 Comparison between aspiration and slicing methods for retrieval of oocytes in bovine
49. 2015 Farhan Younas 2007-va-495 Effect of l-cysteine and glutathione on post thaw quality of Sahiwal bull spermatozoa
50. 2015 Muhammad Ashraf 2013-va-13 Combine effect of ionomycin and strontium chloride to induce the parthenogenetic activation of mouse oocytes
51. 2014 Abdul Razzaq 2011-va-563 Effect of cholesterol addition on cryopreservation of spermatozoa and field fertility of Nili Ravi buffalo
52. 2014 Adnan Jabbar 2006-VA-03 Effect of ascorbic acid and moulting on semen quality in native chickens
53. 2014 Ahmed Gul Tarin 2011-va-585 Effect of cholesterol on post thaw semen quality and fertility in Sahiwal Bulls
54. 2014 Muhammad Ameen Jamal  2007-va-485 A study on superovuation protocol for the development of embryo transfer technique in mice
55. 2014 Zohaib Ashraf 2012-va-589 Effect of trehalose on cryopreservation of Sahiwal bull spermatozoa
56. 2014 Abdul Rehman 2007-va-12 Effect of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) on Beetal buck semen following cryopreservation
57. 2014 Muhammad Shahzad 2007-va-164 Follicular dynamics during the estrous cycle of Cholistani cow
58. 2014 Junaid Khan 2007-va-33 Effect of cholesterol loaded cyclodextrins (CLC) on post-thaw quality in canine spermatozoa
59. 2014 Muhammad Shahzad 2007-va-132 Standardization of bovine serum albumin (BSA) for cryopreservation of Beetal buck semen
60. 2014 Sadia Naz 2012-va-659 Effect of rbst treatment on antral follicular count plasma E2 P4 profile and estrus behavior in postpartum Nili-Ravi buffaloes
61. 2014 Mehboob Ahmed 2007-va-504 Effect of cholesterol-loaded cyclodextrin (CLC) addition on egg yolk ratio in semen extender and post-thaw quality of buffalo bull sperm
62. 2014 Omer Waqas 2007-va-459 Effect of recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST) on antral follicular population plasma IGF-1 concentration and conception rate in Nili-Ravi buffaloes
63. 2014 Fayzan Sultan Awan 2012-va-816 Enhancing fertility through induction of ovulation in mares
64. 2014 Muhammad Yasir Arfat 2007-va-102 Follicular dynamics during estrous cycle in Sahiwal cows
65. 2014 Arslan Mahmood Ahmad 2007-va-67 Optimization of strontium chloride for parthenogenetic activation of mouse oocytes
66. 2013 Furqan Tehseen 2011-va-280 Effect of Duck Egg Yolk Plasma in Extender on Post Thaw Quality of Buffalo Bull Spermatozoa
67. 2013 Azmatullah Khan 2011-va-519 Prevalence of Brucellosis in Dairy Animals and Their Handlers in District Bannu, Khyber Pakhtoon Khaw
68. 2013 Muhammad Ilyas Naveed 2006-va-201 Effect of Equine Chorionic Gonadotropin (eCG) on the Follicular Dynamics, Estrus Expression, Ovulation and Pregnancy Rate in Control Internal Drug Release (CIDR) Based Estrus Synchronization Protocol in Nili-Ravi Buffalo
69. 2013 Muhammad Binyameen 2006-va-65 Effect of mineral variation in soil, water, fodder and serum on reproductive efficiency of buffaloes
70. 2013 Abdul Nasir 2011-va-323 Effect of bio-stimulation during estrus synchronization protocols on pregnancy rate in buffalo
71. 2013 Umair Riaz 2006-va-200 Effect of Timing of Artificial Insemination and Ovulation in Relation to Onset of Standing Heat on Pregnancy Rate in Nili-Ravi Buffaloes
72. 2013 Ali Husnain 2006-va-169 Effect of control internal Drug Release & Human Chorionic Gonadotropin administration on day 7 after fixed time Artificial insemination on luteal tissue & Pregnancy rate in Synchronized Nili-Ravi Buffalo
73. 2013 Qaisar Shahzad 2006-va-40 Association Between Numbers of Ovarian Follicles and Fertility in Nili-Ravi Buffaloes
74. 2013 Waseem Abbass 2011-va-568 Effect of Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT) as Antioxidant on Semen Quality of Naked Neck Chicken
75. 2013 Mubbashar Hassan 2006-va-163 Comparison of Synchronization Protocols on Estrus, Follicular Dynamics, Ovulation Time and Conception Rate in Sahiwal Cows
76. 2012 Abrar Ahmad 2009-va-662 Reproductive and productive performance of dairy animals maintained at military dairy farm Lahore Cantt
77. 2012 Ahmad Yar Qamar 2004-va-61 Effect of cholesterol addition to buffalo bull semen during crypopreservation procedures on post-thaw survival of spermatozoa
78. 2012 Muhammad Usman Mahmood 2004-va-97 Effect of EB (Estradiol Benzoate) on estrus response and fertility in CIDR treated crossbred heifers
79. 2012 Mushtaq Ahmad 2003-va-65 Dynamics of membrane changes and generation of reactive oxygen species during bovine sperm death
80. 2011 Hasan Riaz 2003-va-69 Effect of two synchronization protocols and GnRH on day of breeding on reproductive performance in goats
81. 2011 Rashad Nasrullah 2003-va-117 Effect of cryopreservation and equilibration time on characteristics of Buck semen
82. 2011 Shahid Ali 2008-va-736 Correlation of ultrasonographic antral follicle count with total oocyte reserves in Nili-Ravi Buffaloes
83. 2011 Tayyab Munir 75-ag-263 Use of butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT) as antioxidant in buffalo semen extender
84. 2011 Zahid Iqbal 2005-va-167 Preservation and optimal level of antioxidant as a preservative in goat semen
85. 2010 Ejaz Ahmad Development of physical and reproductive standards for selection of Sahiwal Bulls
86. 2010 Zia Ullah Use of antioxidants containing extender to improve post thaw quality of canine semen
87. 2009 Zahid Naseer Effect of Used CIDR (controlled internal grug releasing device) and fish Follicle stimulating hormone) on Estrus expression and pregnancy rate in Nili-Ravi buffaloes during low breeding season
88. 2008 Muhammad Iqbal Assessment of buffalo semen by reduction assay
89. 2008 Muhammad Younos Comparison of reproductive efficiency of Beetal goats in different management
90. 2007 Muhammad Adeel Effect of supplementation of different types of fat on buffalo semen production and quality
91. 2006 Daulat Raheem Khan Molecular detection of programmed cell death (apoptosis in fresh and cryopreserved buffalo spermatozoa)
92. 2005 Rafaqat Ali Effect of hormone addition (PGF 2 Alpha) and oxytocin in semen extender on post thaw semen quality and fertility in Nili Ravi buffaloes
93. 2005 Muhammed Irfan-Rehman Khan Effect of osmotic pressure on the membrane integrity of frozen-thawed buffalo bull spermatozoa
94. 2005 Syed Amer Mahmood Effect of cold shock on frozen-thawed spermatozoa of buffalo & cow bulls
95. 2004 Attiq Ullah Effect of norgestomet & GnRH on resumption of cyclicity and fertility in early postpartum non-suckled buffaloes
96. 2004 Iqbal Munir Effect of sperm storage tubules secretions from pre-layer hen on cockerel sperm clumping and motility
97. 2004 Muhammad Assad Javaid Efficacy of Gentamicin and Enrofloxacin in endometritis in postpartum buffalo
98. 2003 Aoun Raza Effect of various extenders on semen characteristics of Beetal buck (Capra hircus)
99. 2003 Jamshaid Iqbal Effect of freezing rate from +4C to -80C on survival of buffalo spermatozoa in three different semen extenders
100. 2003 Nadeem Bhatti Effects of suckling on postpartum estrus in Nili Ravi Buffaloes
101. 2003 Younas Muhammad Effect of two sources of protein feeding on induction of estrus in buffalo heifers
102. 2002 Amjad Riaz Effect of collection frequency on the semen quality of broiler breeder
103. 2002 Asima Latif Effect of different osmotic pressure on semen characteristics for short term preservation of cockerel semen
104. 2002 Mohammad Atif Ikram Ovulation induction and synchronization on Nili-Ravi buffaloes with prolonged post-partum period
105. 2002 Muhammad Saleem Akhtar Determination of pubertal age in Nili Ravi Buffalo heifers under two different feeding regimens
106. 2001 Abdul Majeed Use of gonadotrophin releasing hormone for estrus synchronization in Nili Ravi buffalo
107. 2001 Hassan Mahmood Warriach Effect of cumulus cells on in vitro maturation of buffalo oocytes
108. 2001 Rizwan Yousaf, M Nuclear morphology & meiotic competence of Buffalo oocytes relative to follicle diameter
109. 2000 Abbas Chaudhry, M Serological survey of brucellosis in man & various age groups of cattle and buffaloes
110. 2000 Abdohoo Abdali, M Comparative efficacy of GnRH and PGF2a for oestrous synchronization in Nili Ravi Buffalo
111. 2000 Afzal Wazir, M Effect of timing of insemination on conception rate in local and cross bred cattle (adult cow) in Bannu and Wana (S. Waziristan Agency)
112. 2000 Ghulam Ahmad Use of GnRH to improve the conception rate of Nili Ravi Buffaloes during low breeding season
113. 2000 Ishtiaq Ahmad Correlation of leptospiral, antibodies to the non functional ovaries & biometrical observations in the slaughtered buffaloes & cattle
114. 2000 Shahzad Hussain Concentration of serum electrolytes in buffaloes in the late pregnancy parturition & post parturition periods
115. 2000 Tariq, M Comparative reproductive performance of F1 & F5 filial groups of Holstein Friesian x Sahiwal crossbred cows
116. 1999 Ali Raza, M Studies on productive ability & fertility trials of standard and routine donors buffalo bulls kept at semen production unit, Qadirabad
117. 1999 Asif Rafiq A study on the effect of GnRH analogue on anovulation in repeat breeding cross bred cows & their conception rate
118. 1999 Jan Mir Khan studies on economic impacts of artificial insemination with specific reference to productive and reproductive traits of local and Holstein Friesian crossbred cows in Bannu, NWFP
119. 1999 Shafique, M Immunomodulatory effect of Brucella abortus vaccine strain RB51 in cross bred cows at private farms in Lahore
120. 1998 Afzal, M Morphological abnormalities in the spermatozoa of cross bred cow bulls during summer season
121. 1998 Amjad, M Use of prostaglandin (PGF2 Alpha) to induce oestrus in postpartum non cyclic Sahiwal Cows
122. 1998 Liaqat Ali Role of prostaglandin F2 Alpha and gonadotrophin releasing hormone in induction of oestrus in postpartum anoestrus Nili Ravi buffaloes during summer
123. 1998 Sajid Iqbal Role of single injection of prostaglandin F2 alpha on breeding efficiency of buffaloes
124. 1997 Arif Majeed Induction of parturition in buffaloes using dexamethasone in conjunction with prostglandin (PGF2 Alpha)
125. 1996 Chaudhry, Shafiq, M Comparative efficacy of Cloprostenol, Estradial and Gentamycine for treatment of endometritis in buffaloes
126. 1996 Ahmed Khan Seasonal variation in breeding patterns of buffalo in Punjab
127. 1996 Gulzar Ahmad Effect of health status on postpartum reproductive performance in Nili Ravi buffaloes
128. 1996 Rafique Tareen, M A comparative study on reproductive performance of Friesian Cows, due to variable Environmental Influences, maintained at Quetta and Pishin
129. 1996 Rizwan Nasr Cheema Progesterone and LH profile of Nili Ravi buffaloes in low breeding season
130. 1995 Akhlaq Tabassam Effect of Gonadotrophin Releasing Hormone (GnRH) on postpartum ovarian activity in Nili Ravi Buffaloes
131. 1995 Abu Saeed Javed Sadik A study on Bacterial Flora from uterus of infertile & normal brood mares
132. 1995 Dawar Hameed Mughal Comparison of two methods of Estrus Synchronization in Sahiwal Cows
133. 1995 Iqbal Rahim Induction of Ovulatory Oestrus in Non Cycling Buffalo Heifers during Summer
134. 1995 Rafique, M Reproductive Performance of Crossbred Cows
135. 1994 Amir Saeed, M Antiseperim Antibodies: A plausible cause of repeat breeding in Nili-Ravi Buffaloes
136. 1994 Hafeez Khan, A Induction of Oestrus in Non cycling Nili Ravi Buffalo Heifers
137. 1993 Anwar Khan, M Effect of different storage times on postfreeze quality of Nili-Ravi Buffalo bull semen
138. 1993 Farrukh Nazir Studies on uterine involution and ovarian activity in postpartum Nili-Ravi buffaloes given prostaglandin F2 alpha analogue
139. 1993 Majid, A Studies on quantity & quality of semen produced by Friesian bulls in subtropical conditions
140. 1993 Munir Ahmad Amer Study of enzyme leakage at various egg-yolk levels during freezing process in Nili-Ravi buffalo semen
141. 1992 Afzal, M Effect of different egg yolk levels on the quality of frozen buffalo bull semen
142. 1992 Ahsan-ul-Haq Reproductive efficiency of Holstein-Friesian and Jersey cows maintained at livestock experiment station Bhunikey (Pattoki) Punjab
143. 1992 Amjad Hussain A study to determine the time of ovulation in relation to oestrus in Nili-Ravi Buffalo
144. 1992 Kabir Hussain Tahir Induction of puberty in prepubertal buffalo heifers by pulsatile administration of GNRH
145. 1992 Saeed Ahmad Barvi Comparative efficacy of Cloprostenol and Estradiol for the treatment of endometritis in cross bred cows
146. 1992 Tariq Mahmood The effect of different levels of prostaglandin (PGF 2 Alpha) in extender on the liveability of ram spermatozoa
147. 1991 Ahsan Rashad, M Morphological abnormalities of spermatozoa in pure bred Friesian, Sahiwal bulls and Friesian X Sahiwal cross-bred bulls during hot and humid months
148. 1991 Ashfaq Hussain, Bhatti Sero-prevalence of leptospirosis in the exotic dairy cattle in and around Quetta
149. 1991 Azam, M Studies on reproductive efficiency of bhagnari cattle, maintained at Govt. cattle farm Usta Muhammad Balochistan
150. 1991 Faqir Mohammad Sero-epidemiological survey of bovine brucellosis associated with reproductive disorders in Quetta District, Balochistan
151. 1991 Izaz Anjum A quantitative investigation of primordial follicles in non-cycling 3-4 years Nili-Ravi Buffalo heifers
152. 1991 Latif, M Comparative studies on the therapeutic effect of Cloprostenol and antibiotics on endometritis in buffaloes
153. 1991 Liaqat Sarfraz Effect of various extenders on physio-morphological characteristics and freezability of buffalo bull semen
154. 1991 Mazhar Iqbal Studies on the gross & microscopic structures on uteri and cervices during different stages of estrous cycle in teddy goat
155. 1991 Mohsin Raza Naqvi, M Study on various seminal characteristics affected with aging phenomenon in male Nili-Ravi buffalo
156. 1991 Munir Ahmad Evaluation of dual staining procedure to detect the viability and true acrosome reaction of buffalo bull spermatozoa
157. 1991 Qaiyum Naveed Superovulation in jersey cows under local environment
158. 1991 Tariq Aleem Studies on the mating behaviour and semen characteristics of teddy and Beetal bucks
159. 1990 Mansoor Ahmad Studies on the libido, matting behaviour and breeding efficienty of Lohi & Awasi breeds of rams at different stage of age
160. 1990 Naeem Azam Chattha The population of primordial follicles in Lohi Sheep
161. 1990 Sana Ullah Bhatti Studies on vaginal bacterial flora in cyclic and non-cyclic Nili-Ravi Buffalo
162. 1989 Ali Nazar Bangash Prevalence of brucellosis in repeat breeder cows in Peshawar district (North West Frontier Province (N.W.F.P)
163. 1989 Capt. Farman Ahmaed Jafri Studies on the Senility pattern in relation to reproductive efficiency in male Nili Ravi Buffalo
164. 1989 Faiz Karim Qureshi Physical and biochemical studies on cervical mucus during oestrus in normal and repeat breeding buffaloes correlating with conception rate
165. 1989 Farman Ahmad Studies on the senility pattern in relation to reproductive efficiency in male Nili-Ravi Buffalo
166. 1989 Iqbal, M Studies on gross and microscopic structures of ovaries and oviducts during different stags of estrous cycle in Teddy goats
167. 1989 Javaid Iqbal Ch Effect of different freezing levels on the freezability of buffalo bull semen
168. 1989 Mansoor Ali Studies on the pre-pubertal development of the reproductive organs and other related endocrine glands in male Nili Ravi buffalo bull calves of 6 month age
169. 1989 Munawar Hussain Gill Effect of corticosteroid on uterine involution and related changes of blood picture in postparturient Nili Ravi Buffaloes
170. 1989 Saeed Akhtar, M Studies on the population of primordial follicles in teddy goats
171. 1989 Tauseef Ali Raza Comparison of vaginal bacterial flora in teddy goats with and without reproductive disorders
172. 1989 Wahid Mir Khan Studies on reproductive potentials of rambouillet sheep reared at Govt. Livestock Expenriment Station, JABA, Distt; Mansehra (N.W.F.P)
173. 1988 Anwer Saeed Studies on morphology of buffalo bull semen of different age groups
174. 1988 Babar Raza Khan Studies on semen characteristics and fertility of lohi Rams at different ages
175. 1988 Kazim Raza Chohan Synchronization of oestrus using prostaglandin F2 Alpha and serum progesterone profile during oestrus cycle and early pregnancy in Nili Ravi Buffaloes
176. 1988 Shamim Comparative Reproductive Efficiency amonth imported holstein friesian, farm bron pure bred holstein friesion and sahiwal cows.
177. 1988 Subhan Qureshi, M Accuracy of rectal diagnosis of corpus luteum in Nili Ravi Buffalo
178. 1988 Tasneem Akhtar Effect of different extenders on the extracellular release of hyaluronidase and acrosin from buffalo bull spermatozoa
179. 1988 Tayyab Rahil Stuies on superovulation and morphology of recovered embryos in Nili Ravi Buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)
180. 1987 Aleem, M Occurrence of pathogenic bacteria in buffalo bull semen
181. 1985 Muhammad Nazir Effect of Thawing at Ambient Temperature on the Qulty of Frozen Buffalo Semen
182. 1985 Munir Ahmnad Ch Studies on postpartum buffaloes - changes in reproductive organs and onset of oestrus after parturition
183. 1985 Naeem Iqbal Effect of different extenders on the extracellular release of GOT and GPT from buffalo bull spermatozoa
184. 1985 Rashid, A Effect of different equilibration times and extenders on the deep freezing of buffalo bull semen
185. 1985 Sher Nadir Macro and micro elements in female buffalo calves blood serum during various stages of growth upto maturity
186. 1984 Anzar, M Libido and mating behaviour of buffalo bulls
187. 1984 Nasim Ahmad Studies on the postnatal development of the reproductive organs and other related endocrine glands in male Nili Ravi buffalo calves