Department of Anatomy & Histology


Research Projects

  1. Generating Veterinary Student Ambassadors to Combat Antimicrobial Resistance Through Promoting Antimicrobial Stewardship Programmes in Four Veterinary Schools in the World. Granted by Council of International Veterinary Medical Education, CIVME, Prof. Dr. Hafsa Zaneb (Ongoing)
  2. Evaluation of Selenium-loaded Mannan Oligosaccharide OR Chitosan nano-particles for enhanced meat quality and skeletal development of broilers reared at high stocking density. PI: Dr. Hafsa Zaneb. Funder by: HEC NRPU. (Ongoing, PKR 5.9 Million)
  3. Evaluation of dietary probiotics and zinc for production of antimicrobial residue-free broiler meat in heat stressed broilers. EFS UAF. (0.643 Mill PKR). PI - Prof. Dr. Hafsa Zaneb (Completed March, 2018).
  4. Development, evaluation and promotion of distillery yeast sludge based cost effective feed and prebiotic agent for poultry (Completed) – 3.7 Million PKR funded by PARB (Co- PI Prof. Dr. Hafsa Zaneb)
  5. Development and Evaluation of Catharanthus roseus as a phytobiotic in poultry production – 1.23 Million PKR funded by HEC (Co-PI Prof. Dr. Hafsa Zaneb)
  6. Evaluation of comparative effects of antibiotic, probiotic and prebiotic supplementation diets on performance, gut histomorphology, serum biochemistry and morphometric characteristics of Tibiabone in broiler chickens – 0.5 Million PKR funded by HEC (Co-PI Prof. Dr. Hafsa Zaneb) Completed
  7. Use of yeast cell wall from distillery waste product as a growth promoter in male calves – 7.58 Millions (Team member- Prof. Dr. Hafsa Zaneb) Completed
  8. Effect of β-galacto-oligosaccharides on muscle, bone and gut development of physiologically stressed broilers (EFS UAF; 1.44 Million PKR) Prof. Dr. Hafsa Zaneb. Completed
  9. Comparison of carcass, meat quality and consumer preferences influenced by dietary mannanoligosaccharide on steers (Bos indicus) and buffalo bulls. PI: Dr. Saima Masood. Funded by: HEC-NRPU-4.25 Million PKR. (Completed)