Departmental Impact

Access to local farmers and food producers on food security and sustainable agriculture/aquaculture knowledge, skills/ technology

  • Following research papers were published in the best interests of the scientific community and the farmers involved in animal farming with the purpose behind to improve animal health and production (meat) which will eventually lead to the availability of good food products to the community and will help in developing modalities to address different challenges of food security. Moreover, the outcomes will help devising new technologies and skills for the production of economical animal origin food products
  • Effects of Bacillus subtilis on performance, immune system and gut in salmonella challenged broilers.
  • Efficacy evaluation of commercial vaccines against circulating field isolates of avian influenza H9N2 and infectious bronchitis viruses in broilers.
  • Feeding of phytobiotics and exogenous protease in broilers: comparative effect on nutrient digestibility, bone strength and gut morphology.