Sahar Ijaz 

DVM (UVAS, Lahore), M.Phil. (UVAS, Lahore), Ph.D. (TUMS, Tehran, Iran)
Assistant Professor
Tel: +92 42 99211374 Ext. 231


Dr. Sahar Ijaz joined the Department of Anatomy & Histology at UVAS, Lahore in 2010 as a Teaching Assistant and was selected as a lecturer in 2011.
She started her journey of formal education in 1989 and remained a position holder and an A1 grader throughout in her primary and secondary school classes and, kept earning the annual merit scholarships. She received her SSC and HSSC from the FBISE Islamabad with A grades. She graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from UVAS, Lahore in 2009 and was awarded Nestle Academic Award on it. She did her M.Phil. in Anatomy & Histology from UVAS, Lahore in 2014 and secured 4/4 CGPA. Dr. Sahar Ijaz earned her Doctoral degree in 2020 in the subject of Anatomy with excellent grade at CGPA 19.73/20 and a Certificate of Achievement on outstanding performance from Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran.
Her profile of co-curricular activities during her graduation includes her participation in the sports, Independence Day celebrations, Drama Competition, in event organizing committees, as an anchor person for different events at the University, as an executive team member of student societies of the University, as a Member Proctorial Board, as a Girl Representative and a Practical Group representative.
Dr. Sahar Ijaz did Volunteership at LAHORE ZOO, LAHORE IN 2006 and at BROOKE HOSPITAL FOR EQUINES, LAHORE in 2008. She did Internship at ASIM PETS CLINIC, LAHORE in 2009.
She passed General Aptitude Test (GAT) organized by National Testing Service (NTS) in Jan 2010 with percentile score of 97.13 wherein the percentile score for English was 99.22.
She is a RVMP and her experience while at job encompasses teaching undergraduate and post graduate students, working in anatomy and histology labs, departmental administrative assignments, Applied Anatomy Group activities, institutional administrative and associated assignments, attending and holding trainings, workshops, and seminars.
She is a Lifetime member of Alumni Association of UVAS, Lahore since 2012. She worked as a Secretary Magazine to prepare and publish the UVAS, Student Magazine “VISION” in 2013.
She also shared teaching of courses of Anatomy & Histology to Foreign students at TUMS, TEHRAN. (2016 – 2019) and shared authorship of a book on microanatomy ‘Practical Histology’  in TEHRAN (2018)

Area of Interest

Anatomy and Histology




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Conference Presentations:

  1. Oral Presentation: International Conference on One Health in KANO NIGERIA  (2019)
  2. Oral Presentation: 13th Congress of Anatomical Sciences Iran ---- HAMEDAN     (2018)
  3. Oral Presentation: Congress of Biomedical  Anthropology and Medical Anthropology ---- MASHHAD  (2018)
  4. Poster Presentation: International Conference and Expo 2014 on “ Recent Developments in Human Nutrition. LAHORE (2014).

Seminars, Trainings and Workshops:

  1. As a participant: Seminar on Business plan development in the Project writing (Sep, 2020)
  2. As a participant: Transmission Electron microscopy – University of Iran, TEHRAN (2018)
  3. As a participant: International workshop on Stereology - TEHRAN (8 – 10 May 2018)
  4. As a participant: SPSS workshop – International Campus, TUMS, TEHRAN (1st and 2nd July 2017)
  5. As a participant: Qualitative Research workshop – International campus, TUMS, TEHRAN (2017)
  6. As an observer: Observed Bariatric surgeries -  EbneSina Hospital – TEHRAN (2017)
  7. As a participant: Radiographic Anatomy Course – Shahid Behisti Hospital – TEHRAN (2017)
  8. As a participant: 3D cell culture – TUMS, TEHRAN. (March 2016)
  9. As a participant: Food and Nutrition Week, 2015. Organized by UVAS, Lahore & FC College University, Lahore (3rd – 7th Nov, 2015)
  10. As a participant: International Poultry Nutrition Conference and Expo-2015. Organized at PC Hotel Lahore by Nutritionists Association of Pakistan & UVAS, Lahore (3rd-4th Nov, 2015).
  11. As a participant: National Workshop on “Controlling  Bio risk in Lab”. Organized by Microbiology Dept. UVAS, Lahore and IPH, Lahore (May 11th – 13th 2015)
  12. As an Organizer: International Conference and Expo 2014 on “ Recent Developments in Human Nutrition. Organized at PC Hotel Lahore by UVAS, Lahore & Nutritionists Association of Pakistan (19th – 20th March, 2014).
  13. As a participant: “Project Formulation Workshop”. Organized at UVAS, Lahore by PSF, Islamabad (27th-28th March, 2014).
  14. As a Resource Person: “Refresher Course for the Teachers of Anatomy & Histology”. Department of Anatomy & Histology, UVAS, Lahore (15th-26th July, 2013).
  15. As a participant: AIT Cascading Workshop on “ Ensuring Training Effectiveness”. UVAS, Lahore (8th-10th July, 2013)
  16. As a participant: I-SCETT. Organized by CEPA, UVAS, Lahore (1st-5th July, 2013)
  17. As an Organizer: Quiz Competition. Spring Festival 2013, UVAS, Lahore (13 March, 2013).
  18. As an Organizer: Hands-on training Workshop on “Canine Radiographic Anatomy”. Department of Anatomy & Histology, UVAS, Lahore (21st – 23rd Feb. 2013).
  19. As a Resource Person: Hands-on training Workshop on “Canine Radiographic Anatomy”. Organized under the auspices of CEPA at Department of Anatomy & Histology, UVAS, Lahore. (21st – 23rd Feb. 2013).
  20. As a participant: Virtual Workshop on “Scientific Writing”. Organized by Latif Ebrahim Jamal Science Information Center of ICCBS, Karachi under the VEPP (23rd Jan, 2013)
  21. Attended a Lecture on” Full bright scholarship and preparation for GRE & TOEFL”, organized at UVAS, Lahore by USEF Pakistan. (4th Oct, 2012)
  22. As a participant: Workshop on “Pathological Readings”. UVAS, Lahore ( 9th -11th Oct, 2012).
  23. As a participant: Workshop on “Biostatistics and Data Analysis Concepts”. Organized by the Dept. of Statistics and Computer Sciences, UVAS, Lahore (7th -11th May, 2012).
  24. As a participant: Workshop on “Use of Endnote Software for Citation and Referencing in Research”. UVAS, Lahore (8th Feb, 2011)
  25. Delivered a micro lecture on Exocrine Glands in a Microteaching Activity organized in the Dept. of Anatomy & Histology, UVAS, Lahore (2011)
  26. Assisted in Registration process of PCEPT II . Organized by CEPA, UVAS, Lahore (28th Sep – 1st Oct, 2010)
  27. Assisted in Registration process of PCEPT I . Organized by CEPA, UVAS, Lahore (23rd – 27th Aug, 2010)
  28. As an Organizer and Stage Management Team member: Quiz Competition in UVAS Spring Festival, 2010 (2nd April, 2010)
  29. Delivered a Lecture on Ruminal anatomy & histology in Applied Anatomy Group, Department of Anatomy & Histology, UVAS, Lahore (2010).