Departmental Impact

UVAS focused research in collaboration with government departments


UVAS conducts focused research in collaboration with government departments to address critical issues and challenges. This research aids in evidence-based policy formulation and implementation, contributing to the development and improvement of various sectors. By partnering with government agencies, UVAS leverages its expertise to provide solutions to agricultural, livestock, and public health problems, thereby enhancing the overall well-being of communities. This collaborative research fosters innovation, drives economic growth, and ensures the effective utilization of resources to achieve sustainable development goals.


Department of Dairy Technology UVAS organized a seminar on topic "Modern Dairy practices to strengthen the Milk Value Change" in collaboration with Para Veterinary Institute, Layyah. About 300 potential dairy farmers participated in this seminar. Eighteen (18) different well-known companies related to veterinary products like pharmaceuticals, Animal importers, Manufacturers, Semen distributors and agriculture-based firms participated in this event and displayed their stalls where a large number of livestock farmers and students visited and showed their interest in many new things related to veterinary field.